Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Taking the Hand of Family”               5/22/2021

Hello to you all

I am here with you today to bring forward a message of love, of enlightenment, of truth

Here, today, as you are, we would like to bring forward into your thoughts about life the truth and an understanding about family and perhaps your part and the understanding of this.

Peaceful times for some in their hearts this is, as the thoughts and remembrances of those who have shared memorable times in their lives and for some it has been detrimental to even begin to remember those who have come and gone in ways of sadness and remorse

Today my friends, we will do our best to take you to the happy places of these remembrances with those of whom you may have shared lifetime after lifetime after lifetime with and perhaps weren’t even aware of this fact

For those of you who have remembered, blessings to your hearts

We have had discussions about this before that you have come and gone for many lifetimes, and for others many beyond this. It is here, we wish to talk with you about

For in these times you are surrounded by those who have come and gone, the remembrances of the lives they had shared with you are not too far off from your memory,

They hold a certain place one may say, in your hearts

For it is in this place of remembrance we would like to go

For it is here children in this place of remembrance you hold a certain energy of remembrance that takes you to place that brings forward the ones of whom you now reflect upon

Those of whom you now reflect upon are here in this now place for you

They are here always waiting for you to discover them as they wait in honor of you

Reaching out to you in love they hold your hands, in your heart, as you remember

They reach out for you in every day in every moment to reassure you that they are always by your side, they ask you to talk to them, say hello if you may, ask them whatever it is you wish to ask them, as they listen to your heart

Many of whom I speak about have touched you all in some divine way

They are all here with you now and forever

It has always been this way children, and forever will always be

They reach out to you and ask for you to take their hand as they hold you in love

Listen to your hearts children, feel their love around you, they’re here…

The message that they would like for you to know is that, “We love you more than you know from a place that you may consider beyond your reality, that we are here for you always…we are your family of Love, we are your family in Light”

Peaceful memories we to have of our many lifetimes together, we remember as well

For you are in our DNA and us in yours, the remembrances of family are one of the most profound gifts in life that is shared, we hold you in these moments

We remember the laughter, the joy, the happiness the incredible moments that you wish to share with us, remember, we too were there…

We cried many times on our journeys as well, we shared hopes and dreams together, thinking that many more may come, we remember too

It may seem so long ago to some of you that we may have left your reality, but we have never left, we have just moved on, in some ways different that you remember

As for the one who brings you this message, he too has had many lifetimes with all of you who come to read this, he too has had many cross over as you may say, he too has had many whom he has held dear to his heart only to see them leave

But we have reassured him as well as we reassure you all, we are not far from you as you may think, even for those who have had furry friend’s cross over, we all gather here in joy of you reading these words to understand this message, that we are all eternal beings of the one…

Whenever you need us we are here, whenever you talk to us, we are listening,

Whenever you reach for us, we will gladly take your hand

Friends, Family, we Love you…  take our hands as we continue the journey of love

And so it is….

Hi everyone, it is hard for me to put into words in this moment, the love that I feel right now, they are all gathered here to help me write this message for us all…my wish for you all is that you may experience the love that they are sharing with me now in this moment forever in your hearts

May Peace Be unto you All