Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

About Keith Frank

Hello to everyone.
My name is Keith Frank.

On Earth Day 2006 I went through an awakening process that truly transformed and changed my life.

Years of meditation, learning, and walking on my journey brought me to an understanding of all that had been happening with me; that I had been undergoing a process to remember-
A process to understand life in love in all of its grand form.

I came to understand how unconditionally we are all loved and love others on this material plane and elsewhere.
I came to understand where truth meets fiction.
I came to understand where imagination holds the key to all that’s been created.

All of us have an innate being sense and feel changes that are going on within us and around us.
Life is constantly changing and beginning anew in ways that are magical to our imagination.

During the years of my awakening I was shown and accepted many gifts of love from our father mother god spirit.

I have come to understand these gifts and I am now ready to share my gifts with everyone.

Some of my gifts are energy work and balancing, channeling, verbal and automatic writing, and teaching about – and learning – a Universal Light Language.

“In times of change I ask you to trust your intuition, your inner guidance, and remember your way back home to self love.”