Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”


“Be the Love that You Wish to Create”

God Quote

“Open the Eyes to the Heart and Life shall awaken within you”

God Quote

“The Truth you seek is in the openness of your will”

God Quote

“You are All Loved Beyond Unfathomable Measure”

God Quote

“The Love of God IS YOU”

“Light Language”
“Is a Universal Language of the Heart”

It is your True Innate Language to Source
To the Grand Light, Love, Energy of All Creation
It is a language that is vast, for it permeates all beings throughout every solar system here and elsewhere
It Is In the Oneness that Connects All Beings, The Light, The Stars, The Omni verse, The Universe
It Touches upon a Greater Sense of your knowing that is vast and infinite as the being from whence you came, from the being of whom you are
It is therefore quite simply the “Language of Love”
A Heart Centered Language that Permeates All !!!
God’s gift to you…..a remembrance…

Spirit Messages

Spirit Message # 79

      “A message from home”     6/5/2021 From Us to All of you…we your Pleiadian Mothers of Light welcome you! It is our profound pleasure and desire to welcome you to this grand awakening in love, for you have asked for it... read more