Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

           “A reason to believe”

Hello to you all                      2/28/2021

A word about the mystery of Heaven

As I walked into heaven the world within me began to shine

There was everything that I could imagine

Even some of the little things that I could not, they came to me in waves of love, of life

My journey began in such a way that for me “Took My Breathe Away”,

Or so it seemed

I started as some of us do with the first step, the First leap of faith into the unknown of life…wow…how amazing!

The joy of tears from my eyes, life anew, once again.

Walking in heaven. Is what we call it, the journey of life on earth

Not to be pragmatic, but life here is beyond amazing

With our first breathe we begin…hmmm… what a wonder…hmmm

The fellowship of love, of life, joined by so many who have come to create an experience of exponential love and laughter …it takes the breath away…

Many have found that life here on earth has surrounded them with the ability to move out of inter-dimensional reality into a denser reality so that the experience of biology can be experienced.

And what we mean by this dear ones, is that nowhere else in any reality are you able to touch upon biology in the way you do here on Earth. It has become an unprecedented place in all universes to experience an amazing facet of your heavenly being.

When you arrive, the approach to life is always a different one, the experience that you intend is always one of great difference, of course why would you want to come back to a place to experience the same thing over and over again…

Truth is you don’t, you always create something different and in your eyes, metaphorically, something that is much more grand than before!

Life here, ahhh… is truly breath taking, the experiences are truly unforgettable!

With all of your tools of creation, you build…you ride…you laugh…you cry…

You experience the ultimate in all perception of life.

Typical creation is not…Exploration of your Soul IS!

There have been so many times that you all have come and gone, only to wish to return to create something new to experience!  Why some of you ask? For it is known that life here on and in heaven, is the unfathomable creation in all existence!

The Love that is shared, the Peace that you experience, the Joy with yourself and others is amazing! Light Has Created!  WOW!   

We watch you all as you move about the planet in joy, in happiness and even in fear…what an experience …to be where you are now is one of the most incredible places of being

Light in the physical experience of Love!  Truly beautiful…as an angel may say

We have come here today to share and to open your eyes to what is really here for you all, the Reality and Experience of Heaven on Earth…your gift of life from Love…The Grand Creator.

As always, enjoy your lives children, no need to worry…enjoy the time here to play, to laugh, to love all others and most importantly love yourselves

May the light and love of the all that is and will ever be open your hearts to this truth…and so it is…

Hi everyone, I wish to thank spirit, the love of god for bringing forward this message so that we may have a greater perception about our lives here on earth, in heaven…

May peace be unto you all…