Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“One Light” 2/ 7 / 2021

Hello to you all, who I am or what I am, may remain a mystery for most of you

But if I were to explain it in a simple term, some of you may refer to me as an Angel.

I Am an Angel of Love, Light and the purity of being

This is how I may express myself to you

I have told the one who is channeling this message for you all to call me by a simple name “One Light”

It is a name that I have chosen for him to identify me by, identity is another subject, for now I will refer to the Greater part of all as One Light

As you see, the greater part or aspect of who you are will reveal oneself unto you.

This being, The I Am within you all, is so Magnificent that the perception of what is seems to be unobtainable, incomprehensible that I appear to you as an angel

Truly I am the love that is within you all

The one who brings forward this message has done the work you may say, to have come to a point in his enlightenment and has traveled far within, has reached the inner core of life and love to be able to bring forward a message from the unknown, from the Angel who sits before you all now

I am the inner essence of being, the inner essence of life within you all

I exist therefore you exist; we are one in the same

This is what we would like for all of you to understand, that there is no separation, none

Ask yourself, your consciousness, can I ever be separate from who I am?

And the answer will be never. You have tried, believe when I tell you, that you all have tried, but it is simply impossible.

Part of your experience here on this planet is the experience of separation, the experience of How far can I go from who I am? From what I know? From what I believed? From what I do not believe…

The experience of separation, yes, you created it, you have all experienced it, and now it is time to remember.

It is time to remember your grandness, your beauty, your benevolence of whom you are.

We bring you these truths not to scare you but to enlighten you with the grander potentials and possibilities of and about creation

 If you only knew how truly amazing, you are.

Our time with you in this now moment has been well received

We would like for you to explore all of what we have brought together for you today, to open your perception about who you are, your lives and the creation of all life here and elsewhere …I did say elsewhere, you are so amazing if only you could see what I see…

We will leave you with that…and so it is…

Hi everyone, I would like to thank you all for your love and being here in this experience of life together

I would like to thank One Light for loving all of us, to help bring about this message in love, to help us understand more about who we really are…

May Peace Be unto you all…