Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Imagine, time …to think”               1/24/2021

We are here with you, you have asked yet, once again

You see in your consciousness is the profound beauty of love

In this place is you, the love of God

Here in this place resides the “Wonder of it All”, You… we say.

The most beautiful thing about love is that it resides within you, within all of you.

It is what you are made of, made from, and quite simply it’s who you are

The essence of Love is Expansive, it is compulsive, its creative ability is incomprehensible

Imagination is your key…it takes you out of complacency and into the “Wonder of God”

Imagination unlocks the door to creation, it is the first step.

It will take you here, it will take you there, it will take you wherever you would love to go /travel

In the mind of consciousness is unlimited power to/of creation

The heart /soul is so expansive that other worlds other places in time come available to you

In creation there are no Boundaries, there are no limits to Be!

You see you can be anything, anywhere, anytime as you wish. “Creation the Boundless Wonder of it all”

In simple terms, your imagination lights the way, trust in this children, masters of light, Trust in who you are.

Time and place is not a true form of existence it only appears this way because you have wished for it to be…you created the time, you created all to exist in the perception of life

It makes you think, does it not?  Because thinking is what you do…

Let’s think of something together, what would you like to think about?

What in Creation, would YOU, like to think about?

Go ahead, let’s bring forward your imagination and give it a whirl.

Is it going to be something beautiful, perhaps something that you have never seen before?

Is it going to be something that is soft to the touch, something rarely ever seen or felt before?

Maybe you will bring forward the essence of your being, the God Within

How beautiful and rare would that be?

To bring forward the love of all that you are, all that ever was, all that will ever be…what would that look like and feel like dear ones, to be in the presence of love, something that is so beautiful but that is rarely felt or seen?

Dear ones, we ask of you to allow for this, the presence of all that is, the presence of love, the gift of God of whom you are…to give yourself this moment…and be here with the presence of your being (please take a moment here) spirit smile…

Life becomes you, life becomes you all…you have only a moment to wish it, to think it and it becomes…it is served to you as the universe in life brings it to you to experience…in these moments in life children be aware of what you are creating

We have asked this before…awareness of what you would love for the experience to be, is key…awareness of your thoughts, what it is you are thinking, what it is you are creating in imagination, is key…hmmm…blissful imagination

Appearance of what is now is only temporary you see, everyone that is with you and around you is creating in every moment, just give it a moment and change will occur…you all create and co-create together…wouldn’t it be boring otherwise? Remember you are never alone… never

It is not only your beautiful and loving thoughts that creates the experience, but also those around you, it is how you show up to experience of what is created is the choice of the one/individual.

How will you show up?

Your lives are precious, all life is beautiful, the appearance of such life is the focus of love

We have given you all much to think about today…take this with you as you travel about, in this place of time, enjoy Being!   Life becomes you!

From our hearts to yours, live peacefully as you move about…Spirit Smile…

I would love to thank spirit for this beautiful message

and to all of you standing on the edge of creation

Peaceful Smiles