Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

The Angel                    12/20/20

I Am an Angel of Love

I Am here with all of you today to bring forward a message, a message of love from you, for you, to help with an understanding of whom you are.

We sit here with you today in this place to bring about knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment through love

Sharing this love with you will help you to understand more about the things that you may have pondered, for in this place is the true essence of you, all of whom you are, The God Within…

As we all sit here together in this place we ponder ideas, some old, some new, some that have been on our minds for quite some time, for in this place the essence of your being will now come forward to speak with you

It says to you, ask me anything, anything you like…

You stop for a moment to ponder, then like a soft wind the ideas and thoughts that you have had for so long come forward and you begin to ask…

As the Angel who is before you now listen’s to all that is said and knows you more than you can comprehend, takes you to place of solace. A place that is comforting, the angel holds your hand and assures you that you are safe here in this place.

It’s a time for answers, some of you may declare! and for some of you, you sit in the energy of love, the love that is so profound that it reminds you of you…it is quiet

The Angel says to you; we came here today to help you remember, so that the questions that you may have can be revealed, for in this place we hold your hand and help to soften your heart.

We have come now before you many times, many times we say. For in these times of many, some of you have listened to your hearts and have heard us, others have chosen to sit in dis-belief of what is happening, truth be known, we are always here with you, always upon your request, we never leave…

It is upon your request that we are here, what does this mean?

Simply, it is through the intent of the individual who is now choosing to be with, what has always been.

It is through the intent of the individual to open, see and believe. We don’t just magically show up, we are always here…it is only the one who gives permission, who magically shows up. Remember intent is everything, we wait in honor of you

Let it be known that we are here for you always, in whatever place you may be, in whatever state of awareness that you may choose

We have told you many times that on this journey of life, as you may see it, you are never alone…never

The reason that you may have called us or have chosen to be with us is because you have come to a place of divine intervention to where the soul speaks to the human

It is usually at this juncture that the human chooses to open, so that the soul may be revealed

We your guides and as some may call us your Angels, celebrate with you in these moments of love, we promise that it is joyous for us all in the celebration of your lives that this comes to be

I Am the Love inside …. I Am the Love inside…I Am the inner voice the inner being of life, I Am you, the voice says, as you hear this, when you feel this, what is your response?

As the voice softens the energy around you and the energy inside of you, it takes away the fears that you may have had, it starts to give answers to the many questions that you may have, and as you listen you ponder once more…Some of you may ask is this truly the essence of my being? Is this truly who I am?

 The energy of love knows all things…we ask you, to remember

We are here to give you this gentle reminder, a place for you to remember, that we are always here for you no matter when or where you choose to show up and make the connection…we are forever in love with humanity,

I Am Angel