Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Soul Remembrance”                                  12/05/20

Hello to you all

For I am Love and Light Everlasting

I am Love of God, is how you may see it

I am the creator of all, is how you may explain it

I am that I am, is how it has been explained to you for eons

But I Am Simply Love, Love that is inside of you all

The Love that is so profound that when you think of this love it brings tears to your eyes

I come to you now with love, through love and about love, love that you truly are

We, you, me, I, however you see it, however you would like to explain it, is the process of inner discovery of you

The inner most wisdom of all that is, of all that ever was, of all that will ever be.

I Am YOU, YOU are ME, We are Love!

It is from this love that all is created, we have spoken of this before, the true creation of life comes from within, it is where the true essence of reality is created

You have come far my children; you have come from many beliefs to another

You have created many things from these beliefs, but still at times you don’t believe

I am going to take you to a place that only some of you may recognize, it’s to the beginning of all creation, it’s the place that is timeless, for creation knows no place of time

It is only expressed as the beginning to give you some point of reference to help you understand more of what we are going to do, of where I Am taking you

It has to be presented to the human in a linear form to help your mind comprehend this place, but yet does it?

It is safe here, there’s nothing to fear, I will hold your hand as we walk together as one, this place will simply help you to remember all of who you are, if you are ready

Let’s go…

I am holding your hand; can you feel this? I would like you to feel the presence of you, the love of God that you are…can you feel this?

Take a moment in silence…open to the love that is here for you now…breathe into it…do you feel your own presence? Hold this space…allow for all that is to flow through you…open your arms…allow for this to be…in a moment I will take you to another place of remembrance, a place in your heart to see all that is.

We are here… How do you feel? My love is you, Your Love is me…breathe

Stay here for as long as you like…this is who you are, Love in all of its grandness…

I would like you to know and understand that we have never been apart or separate from one another, I am not some being that is outside of you that rests on a cloud somewhere, I am within you, ever present, always

You may not see it that way at times, but I assure you of this truth

It is when you come to understand this that you will feel and sense the trueness of being

I bring to you a knowing of life and love that is everlasting and always will forever be, Love, it is who you are, you can try to change it in your thoughts, you can create forms about it that may seem not so loving, but I assure you that all is love

I have taken you now to that place of remembrance, the place of understanding.

It is up to you now, what you choose to believe, or not We will leave you with this…May the peace of your inner knowing come forth to help you understand the greater knowing of your being.  Blessings