Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Soul Emergence”                   11/23/20

It is when the soul and the human give permission to recognize the love of God.

As this is recognized the soul and the Human form a merging unto each other… the recognition of the Conscious choice of the human therefore sends a signal to the soul in a recognition of oneness, a remembrance of the soul self being

As this occurs the soul truly is excited for the human intelligence and love expressed from the heart and mind potential that will occur

As permission is given (Intent) (remember intent is everything)

The soul and the human form a Re-Union so to speak of one another

The recognition of the human to the soul is a very sacred act in love

In choosing to do this the human recognizes the Love of whom they are …the God Within.

As this seamlessly unfolds in light, the power of the Heart/Mind forms a meld in recognition of intent

As part of the ceremony Spirit asks that you hold the intent for the process to occur

As this occurs one can feel and sense the true meaning of the Love of God

As powerful as this may seem it truly brings the unification of the Heart, Mind and Embodiment of the soul present in the human

The human’s consciousness raises and the understanding of the meld forms

Perhaps through time as you view it the meld becomes stronger and the Love of God becomes more profound

As you learn and start to express your being recognizing the Love of God (The Higher self) we will use this for now) you obtain a certain vibration that is felt and recognized by others (Soul Recognition) we will add more to this later…

Perhaps as you unfold the old you the more of who you are seems to appear

In recognition of thyself, the Love of God, your lives begin to change, life becomes unparalleled to anything you ever thought it may be

As this process continues the Love of God becomes more apparent in your lives

You Change!  You change in many ways, that of the soul becomes more of who you are as this integration occurs

Perhaps at times this may seem a little different and frightful at times, but we assure you that this meld is one of the most amazing choices made in consciousness from the human being, to openly receive and recognize the Love of God.

Now we are going to speak of something a little different

The Love of two beings choosing each other.

As this comes to be, a choice is made, each soul and the human forms a bond with the soul of the other in light

As this love becomes familiar and stronger the bond from one soul to the other forms an unparalleled action that creates a Unity in Love

Then an action is taken to unify such a bond, the intent of the human soul

Life becomes the experience united as one but never losing oneself to the other as the other…for Example: One holds what you may say as the purity of “One self’s Being” the identity of the expression of God through the uniqueness of the soul’s expression through the human being consciousness.

You are a unique expression of the one. It’s important to remember this. Therefore, you don’t get confused or lost in someone else’s expression of being. At times you may choose to act or simulate a different way of being but it is important to express thyself as thyself.

Choosing to be who you are is the best choice in all.

You also may ask one of the greatest questions ever to be asked, Who Am I?

This question will put you on a path of self-discovery within you, “The Journey of the Soul”

As this journey unfolds in light the truth of “what is “and “what is not” becomes more apparent to you. Our apparent truths at times will be shared with those who are like minded and at times with those who are not. You will learn to choose and see what forms your truth and what does not as you continue to learn and express who you are. Some paths of learning become more obvious than others and some remain a mystery throughout your lifetimes. It is OK to understand this or not. This is why it is important to form your own understanding of these things and openly express them as you would perceive to express them.

Just because others may not understand you or agree with you doesn’t make them wrong or right, nor you either, what it shows clearly that you are choosing to self-express your being as the soul of whom you are in that moment, It’s a simple choice of expression. “Be that what you may”

We wish to speak about this more:

As you walk in the journey of life you begin to remember certain things that help you to reflect upon the greater part of your being, The God Within.

As this occurs in your reality life takes a different view, a different reality in which you become different from that of which you thought you may be.

As the progression moves on the unity of love becomes more apparent in your reality, the gifts of life appear, the radiance of the sun changes, miraculous ways become your knowing as you move about on your journey.

The meld of the human with the soul is grand indeed! The conscious journey that becomes, is a celebratory act of love.

The human has now become more aware of whom they are and acts of kindness, joy, happiness, abundance is now your way.

You flourish well into the unknown, for now there is no fear of what is ahead of you because the realization of who you are has now become self-realized and you know now that you are the creator and co-creators of your lives. Self- empowerment is now realized and truly becomes known to your awareness, fear does not exist. Love has become Aware!!!

For many years and many lifetimes have you traveled on these roads of self-empowerment only at times to have listened to the beliefs of others. These beliefs had swayed you into less empowerment a lower vibration and the lack of recognition of who you are. Fear of many things are usually the cause and effect of these beliefs.

Now as life changes with the unification/remembrance of the human with the soul, life becomes light in love.

Peace, the gift of love becomes. Thoughts and insights seem to be everywhere, change into the unknown is celebrated with joy and happiness. Clarity is now your new tool of seeing and sensing all life. Life is known to you. Clarity of the mind is apparent, fear has dissipated along with the ego, the soul is now the human in full form, Free in Expression, Free in Love, Free in Life! Life in Love is your way!