Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“The Child of Love Speaks to you Now” 11/22/20

The inner child of love I am…

I sit here with you in this place of Love…

I will take you now with your permission back to this place …a place of innocence ..a place of Joy

A place where you can remember where you have come from …a place of remembrance

In this place we will explore together Home.

What does this mean to you when I mention this word?

Is it a place of long ago? Is it a place from this lifetime?

Or is it a place that is from where you once lived in your heart?

For all of us this place will be different…but let’s go there…now

As you come to this place…wherever that may be…whether physical or non –physical…what do you feel? What do you see?

Is it a memory of Love? Is it a memory of a familiarity to who you are or what you have once been? Allow for yourself to sit there and explore the love of God that is there with you…  for in this place is you… all of you…the essence of love

Can you feel the Love?  As you allow for this to be…do you open your heart?

If so…we say to you now, that this a safe place for you to do this ..

Can you, and will you embrace all of what you are? Will you allow for the Love of God to come through and hold you in this place? Because when you do, everything can change … Ask yourself…What is it I would like to change? What is it that I would like healed? Why am I here?  Why am I here?

The love of God is here for you…Always

We would like for you to remember this place; You can come here anytime you would like. It is here for you always…remember this…this is a safe place for you to sit and talk with yourself, the God within

We have created this place with you to give you a safe place to be, Remember.

We thank you now for coming to this place…visit as often as you would like…

May the peace and light of all that you are guide you to those safe harbors of love … blessings to you all…always

Hi everyone

I would like to thank Spirit for this wonderful message and meditation to help us connect in a place of love with all that we are. A place that we can feel safe to do so…the love of god is amazing as are all of you… I would like to thank all of you for being here…

Peaceful smiles