Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Spirit and the Old Tool Bag “             9/3/20      

Hello to you all, greetings…

It’s not so much as to what you are thinking and how you apply yourself it is the self judgement that you see in everything and everyone

We will take you now to a place where clarity becomes closer and understanding What Is, becomes. In the past, knowledge and how you have obtained it became all that you were …you wielded your knowledge and expressed this knowledge throughout your community with friends and others.

As this takes place your understanding about life and how it works becomes your new reality. life unfolds before you. There have been times when you may have felt that you would like to escape to somewhere or try something new. But the old ways and ideas of “How Life Works” is so deeply embedded in your thought process and perception of what is and how it works becomes the obstacle of what is and how it really works. This old set of tools in the tool bag have and are still your way of creating. You may want to ask yourself, what is it that I truly desire? What is the life that I would love to create?

When you ask these questions, stop for a moment and allow yourself to be comfortable with these questions. Why, you may ask? For these questions will help you to become self-aware of what you are creating and may possibly help you to move through what it is you would like to change.

In these changing times of what is going on inside of you helps you to filter what is truly going on around you. We have said before there is nothing outside of you that is not projected from inside of you.

“Be the Love That You Wish to Create”. Feel this love from inside of you …know this love from inside of you …be this love from inside of you …and you will create love all around you. Can you do this?

We understand that many of you have a different belief system already in place from what you may have been told or what you may have been taught …but for a moment if you could open to the love of spirit that is here with you and in every moment, to tune into what is here for you… you may hear the whisper of love from the creator of creators whispering and saying that I Love You…

Belief of everything in everything is how your consciousness creates. When it believes that it knows something it forms the belief of it and around it then the mind accepts it and the perception of what was now becomes the perception of what is and then an action is taken and now you have created something new or revisited something old. So as your lives change ask yourself again, what is it that I am truly creating? What is it that I would love to Create? And then look again inside.

Children understand that this process of learning will help you to become more aware of your thoughts and your thought process of Love, Life and Creation.

Now, more about the old tools. There in front of you lies an old tool bag that you have been working out of vigorously for years and years and even decades for some. Now with these old tools you have learned many things about survival and how life works…Now we lay a new set of tools before you to create new things to open doors that you have never seen or knew that they existed. We offer these New Tools in Love, to help you during these times to help with insight to open the inner connection that you have always wished for. We begin this with you now in Love in a state of grace into life anew. With your permission we open this to you all. It is our understanding that this is what you are all asking for, in this place of Unconditional Love we honor you. It is our only wish of love that you truly understand how much we love you. We thank you for being here in the body and taking on the challenges that you have accepted. May Peace Be unto You All…

Hi Everyone,

I have some thoughts and some more of what spirit has to say about today’s channeling

This came about today while I was helping a friend / client through an understanding about his life today.

What spirit had to say to him brought about the channeling after we were finished, but I am now being prompted to share a metaphor that spirit talked with him about that brings us to here;

Spirits metaphor:  “Jonah and the tool bag”

Jonah asked: Why do the same things keep happening to me over and over again? I see things from a newer perspective with newer teachings, but I also see a pattern of repetition. Why does the bible talk about a God that loves you so divinely and unconditionally in one phrase and then in the next there’s eternal damnation and judgement? 

Spirit replied:

There’s an old tool bag that you keep reaching in for answers. You try to validate what is in the “Old Tool Bag” with what you are learning with new information from spirit directly. The old tools in the old tool bag aren’t working for you, not in this newer energy. At times you try to drag an old tool in and apply it to what you are now learning. And it’s not working for you, is it?

We know that you are in construction so we will use something that may make sense to you,

You have an old tool bag, one that is filled with lots of good ol’ tools. You have built many things with this old tool bag but are now discovering that these tools that are in the old tool bag, although still reliable in many ways of survival, aren’t working for you in the way that you would like. These tools are many and vast, you have acquired them over the ages, some from your parents, some from your friends and family and others from trusted individuals whom you respect and love. You are proud of these tools.

Now understand that these tools aren’t a bad thing but they are no longer working for you the way that you may like.

Spirit asked Jonah: What if you were going to build a large commercial building, and this building with your set of tools takes you 60 days or more to build using your old hammer and screw driver. Next to it you see another building that is similar and it is going up in one day?

Jonah asks, how is this possible? How is it that they can build the same building in one day that takes me 60 days to complete? Spirit replies, you can do the same, they are using a new set of tools. It was offered to them and they accepted. The offering of the new tools is here for you all, they are here to help you with questions that you may have in times of uncertainty. We wish to help you guide yourselves to safe harbors. Know that we are always with you, in service. In your hearts if you would allow for just a moment the love that is here for you to permeate every cell of your body and allow for your consciousness to open, then the potential for everything exists because it exists within you all. If you just allow for a moment, a moment, to sit in the love that is here for you then the potential for the love to permeate your heart and cells will be. We ask you this in love. May Love and Peace be your way…Blessings to you all.