Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Thoughts and Things” 7/5/20

Hello, Good morning to you all…

Today we would like to go over a few “Thoughts and Things”

A thought as we know, in its beginning stages is the purest form of creation.

A thought as you know helps you to see things clearer than before.

It moves you about in your lives, changing, distracting, moving and above all, creating.

Thoughts are generated through the transmission of “The Higher Self” “Spirit” “You” The multi-dimensional true self of being. A part of you that is considered a part of the Trinity.

The Earthly Human vessel “The Son/Daughter”

The Trans- Dimensional, Multi-Dimensional Etheric Communicator of Love “The Holy Spirit” “You”

“Love” “Love” “Love” “God” the Father/Mother

There are many expressions as the “Trinity” as Is God, Look around, “You”

But this is our most basic way to explain this to you to help you with an understanding about you.

Today’s lessons about your thoughts is to help you understand more about “What you are Thinking”

“Your thought Process and how Creation is formed.”

It is our understanding from our point of view /you…. that you would like to know more…

A thought is the creation of Mind with the Holy Spirit, enables you and all to experience life here on earth.

It a “Transfixed Communication in Love.”

Yes, all thoughts come from Love, God. Where a thought goes or how it is formed is truly a part of your emotional process as experienced through the human being experience.

A Thought, as you would Imagine, (Imagination, we will come back to this) brings about change and newer different perceptions of life, and through these changes in perception you form different beliefs of your reality.

As your beliefs and perceptions change, new experiences are created for you to experience and through the experience your Ideas and thoughts change therefore the process of “Thought and Creation” emerge again, once more.

This has been given to you in a simplified way to help you better understand your lives and the life you are creating.

Now we are going to cover a little about “Imagination”

Imagination is the process of thought that is amplified with Desires, Joy, Happiness, Pain, Love, and Fear.

Through Emotion, you amplify your thoughts with many Emotional Signatures about your lives and the lives of others, a “Co- Creational Soup of sorts”.

As life creates it moves you through emotional ways of being, “Imagination is a Catalyst to your emotions”.

Through “Imaginational Thought”, you add an emotion to the thought, therefore adding to your “Creative Creation Outcome.”

As it moves into form a part of you begins to participate in the Creation of your Idea. The more you “Focus your Intent of an Idea”, is the process of the formless to form.

Focused Intent, helps your thoughts and ideas become your reality and experience into form.

As the process enhances and builds energy upon itself it creates / and moves into a form of which you come to experience fully or lightly.

Fully we mean, into an “Actual Form” of something come manifest


Lightly we mean, something that has not formed into a Physical Matter- but has been Lightly Created into that which has changed your perception of What Was, to What Is.

As you move about through your lives “Thoughts and Things” shape your realities.

If you wish to see New and Different “Things” in your realities, change your “Thoughts” about them and a new and enhanced version of the old will become anew.

We Thank you for your Love and Understanding and in the Deepest of Gratitude

Bid you a Grand Day!

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? As for me and my family we are all doing well

I would like to share a few things about this channeling

First off it is one of the first channeling’s that I started and then finished with it a couple of days later…

I am always amazed with Spirit on how things come to be.

Second I hope all of you are doing well during these times…I wish you and your families all the best in love and life!

As for me I noticed a great lift of energy, maybe an old heavy latent energy that lifted and was moved from the field of creation at the beginning of this year. Like a breath of fresh air, it is amazing! Big changes abound!  Despite with what is going on for so many I see many great and wonderful things happening.

I was given, many years ago a channeling and teachings about our thoughts and creations maybe I will be sharing more of this with all of you. I think in this channeling they pretty much gave us a lot of simplified information to help us all in creating the lives that we would love to experience and how we are all creating together.

Again I Love you all and thank you for being here

I Thank and Love Spirit for this wonderful message in Love!

May Peace Be Unto You All!