Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“The Importance of Being Present”                  3/27/20

Good morning to you all,

I was talking with God today; I was asking about the possibility of looking in on a few of my past lives. I wanted to know if it would be possible to go back and look at some of the wonderful lives that I had lived here on this planet.

I asked if it were possible, that I only wanted to go in and look at the good times that I had with a few lifetimes.

God replied: If you were to go and do this you wouldn’t be present in this lifetime, that it is most important than ever that you are here in this embodiment to enjoy the life that you have and to participate with family and all whom showed up to be with you and all others who are a part of your story. You see, it is only then, when you are present, that life for you will truly unfold before you. That creation only happens when you are present, the life that you truly desire acquires your full attention, it is important that you are fully conscious in creating the wonderful life that you desire. In this place of creation is the wonderful tool of consciousness this tool helps and guides you to a place of joy, happiness, fulfillment in all that you wish to experience, it is here that the soul and the mind come together in the gift of love, Creation.

It is not necessary to revisit a life of long ago in your mind, this would be a dis-service in your life of love now, here, in the present. But if this is what you wish you can always return there through your heart and the memories will come. “May your lives be all that you wish for, may they be created from the highest vibrations of love, may your world be experienced fully in all that love is, Be Present and so shall it Be….”

I am grateful for what was shared with all of us today, and I am grateful for all of you who are part of my story. Peaceful Smiles…Keith