Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“I Am Everything and Everything IS Possible” 2/10/20
Hello to you all…
The persecution in life is changing. The way man has treated man is changing.
Life is but a Gift, a breath of air from one moment to the next.
Love each other as I have Loved you and you will come to understand and integrate the truth about love
“That I and the Father Are One” Yes…that means you. You are the same principle as I. There is No Separation, there is no two, only One.
As you Integrate more love into your life the dream of separateness becomes no longer.
In truth, as you have been told many times, we, you and I, have never been separate, It’s impossible.
Only in your dream of separation have you created it. Do you now understand that you are the creators of your lives?
Be at Peace within this knowing. Understand that in the dream of separation have your many creations been from fear.
“Look not at your creations as abominations of God, but See Them Through the Eyes of Love” and understand that you created this life to form a greater understanding of “What IS and What IS Not”.
“For All is created from Love” God is everywhere!
The dream of separation is coming to an end…you are integrating more love into everything that you do,
As for love of the self-returns….
Be at Peace in this knowing…” You are Everything and Everything is You”

In mind, as you move out of separation into the stillness of Love in Light, your perceptions will change about what is and what is not.
Love becomes more of who you are and your lives become more loving with a greater understanding.
Your perceptions will always differ from one to another, no two paths or journeys are the same, you are all unique expressions of the One.
Be In-Joy of your lives! Create from your Hearts! And allow the Love of God to fully express through you!
Amane…. Go and Live, … In Peace, In Harmony, with all beings of life and Joyfully rest in Love…

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?
Before I go any farther, I would like to thank spirit, the love of God for coming through this morning to help me bring forward this message for all of us.
It’s been a while since I have had a message of love from spirit come through for everyone
As for me, I have been on my wonderful journey forming a greater understanding about life. I have had some amazing insights and lessons along the way. The work still continues as does the love….
It is my wish that all of you are doing great and integrating more love into your creations.
Spirit would like for us to know that during these times of great change That you are never alone, that they are always with you, to just ask, and be open to receive…. they send you great love during these times and to know that you are ALL Loved Immeasurably…
May Peace Be Unto You All!…