Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirit Message # 65                                    6/25/19

Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have sent out any channeled messages

Here is a message that I channeled sometime ago and now is the time for me to send this out for all of you.

Hello to you all,

I come to you now so that we may speak, I come to you now as the father came to me, Through Love, Through Understanding, Through Peace and Joy, Through Humility in all so that I may be humble to understand what I am being presented with. That is, “The way of knowing, that love is all there is.”

When God speaks to you, you will only know that of Peacefulness of Happiness of Joyfulness, for in the mind of God, in the kingdom there is only love.

In your multitude of understanding in the mind of men and women lies the uncertainty of conflict, in truth the uncertainty of this conflict arises from the thought of separation.

All conflict, all fears arise from the thoughts of separation. Within your deep knowing is the truth of love, this is where I speak to you now in this knowing of love this is how you can hear my voice is through “The Love of the Heart” Hear me now as I say, join with me in the remembrance of love so that you will be reunited with me in the Kingdom of Light, in the Kingdom of Love where I await you as you awaken from the dream of separation.

It is here we will stand in Unity as the Christ Consciousness awakens within you. “Behold the Love of God.”

I have come to you for this purpose, to awaken you from this dream, the dream of separateness

I hold you in my thoughts so that we may be as one, I Open my Heart as we are united together…as one, for the Love of God is you …and We are this Love…

Hi everyone, I would like to thank Spirit and all of you for this beautiful message

When you have a moment I ask of you to take your time when reading this and allow for the Love of God and the Christ Consciousness to open your Hearts and Minds to the truth about who you are…

May Peace Be Unto You All…               Keith