Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Peace on Earth”                 12/24/17

Hello to you all…

I would like to speak to your heart today… about ,  “Peace on Earth”

It is the one thing that some are creating, others are doubtful about, and the rest are seeking…

What if I were to tell you that it already exists..?  What do you think about that?

Where you might ask? And some may say..look at all the chaos and evil doings going on..How can Peace on Earth exist?  I will tell you..

First, it exists within you…if you can feel peaceful at times in any moment, not always, then peace here on the planet exists..

Second, Go out into nature, it absolutely exists there. Look at/into Nature see the peacefulness feel the serenity and the love there… Its quiet..

There are places here on the planet that are like this, we ask you to go there and visit, stay as long as you like..

Some of you go there often, some of you live there..its within you all..we say there is Peace on Earth…go within and find it…

There are places here on the planet that some may say “There are places out there that have never seen a footprint” What does that mean to you?

Walk into the unknown of your lives “Fear Not” we say to to the beliefs and love of whom you are… that of the creator…

You see Peace on Earth has always been here…it is the Peace and the Love that you carry inside of you ..that Love and Light of the Creative Source, The God within.

We ask you to open to this fact about who you are…it is only your perception of who you may think you are that may tell you otherwise…What do you believe?

We ask you to be the Love…this is who you are…

The pristine quiet places in nature attract us…Why is that?  It is a place that some of us go to relax and forget about the mundane circumstances that we have created throughout our daily lives,

Others may say it is a place where I go to get grounded to connect with the mother “Gaia” to immerse myself in her love …and we would say Yes to all of these..

PEACE ON EARTH EXISTS!!!  It Is Here! And always will be…

Whenever you are in nature you feel the connection between you and the Creative Source, the Love of God, this is what draws you there..

We ask that you remember this feeling , the feeling of love that you feel when you are hold this feeling where ever you may go when you leave there..

Don’t just feel that it exists only there, it is the feeling that you carry inside of you, we ask that you carry this feeling of love with you… the remembrance , where ever you go Lightworker..

Some will say that it is hard to do this, that there is so much chaos going on in the world,  we say that you can..that you are this Peace, you are this Love

Carry it with you as you walk, “ Be the Peace that walks amongst the chaos” you have done this before…some of you are already doing this..

If you have difficulty with seeing Peace on Earth , we ask of you “To Look with the Eyes of Peace and Through the Eyes of Peace and you will see it and create it everywhere”  Can you do this?  Our hearts walk together as one…may the love of spirit open you to your greatest potentials…

And so it is…

I would Love to thank Spirit, the Love of God for this wonderful message about Peace on Earth..for I Am Grateful, I would Love to thank all of you who are here living and creating peace on the planet

May Peace Be Unto You All…