Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”


Spirit Message # 62    8/9/ 2017

Hello to you all

There’s a place in your heart that we would like to address,

As simple as it may seem, and to some complex, it’s about self love

In a moment, we will radiate to you a peaceful gesture of love… a pause (silence from spirit)

Can you feel it?  Does it resonate in your heart?

It is a choice to choose an allowance for you to feel and sense the expressions of love

Love has a way to open your heart and your sense to the Great Fullness and Grandness of your being

By allowing yourself to open to the fullness of love is accepting and loving yourself as the love that you are, the Love of God, The Creative Source from within…

A trueness comes over you when you allow for the opening of love to permeate every facet of your being…

Truth is many of you deny the love of whom you are…

Many have awakened from the dream of separation to find that they are the Grandness of God! And what a wonderful knowing to discover…

How simple or how complex is your perception about Love?

Are you simple, In allowing for the simple things in life to show you love?

Or does it have to be complicated and complex for you to understand?

Dear ones, It is all in your perception of how you view love and your life that will either make your lives simple or complicated

Although life has it’s complexities, the Love of God does not…it is simple and pure…it is you

If you were to ask God, The Creative Source of all life, all beings a question, What would it be?

Would it be a long drawn out question with many complexities, twists and turns of your thoughts?…perhaps..

Or would it be simple from the trueness and vastness of your heart?

Would it be as simple as…Do you love me?   Are we one?    Am I eternal?    Am I one with you and all beings?

And the answer is YES!  A very simple and very loving yes…

Dear ones, you can open your heart to the love and knowing that you are one with the creator and love of the universe and understand that this is who you are …or you can deny this and choose not to feel anything..

God wants you to know that even if you deny the fact and the love of God of whom you are

That you are never separated no matter what your choice is, it is only your perception that leads you to believe that you are separate from the creative source, in truth, it’s impossible, Ask your heart?

We ask you to open your heart to the Infinite Love of the Creator, to know that you are All Love and Loved beyond the reality you are experiencing …

To Know Love IS YOU


You are the expression and expansiveness of love experiencing and expanding upon yourself in a grand array of space

To believe in love or not is but a choice ….

Today we thank you for allowing us to be here to share with you a truth about love and the grandness of all that you are and all that you are becoming…

Hi everyone …

I would Love to thank Spirit for their wonderful message

And thank you all for giving intent to have this come through

It was  a different energy today that came through ..a group energy.. it seemed,

They were very loving and the message was as well , it seemed very insightful

They sent a loving energy in the beginning of the message as they came in to help open your heart and to receive their message…very nice

Self Love,  and are we truly united with God the Creative Source…a topic many of us share and some don’t like to talk about nor believe

It was beautiful in how they were there to reassure us in these times of change that we are loved …and we are love in all its grand wonderfulness …YES! Ha-ha… I’m smiling

Thank you all again

May Peace Be Unto You All