Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirit message # 61  “Truth”  3/2/2017

Good morning…to you all

We would like to address “The Word Truth”

For Truth exists in “The Word of The One”, Who states it and believes it…

It is their truth and how they wish to express it

It is usually through The Word or an Action, which is also taken on by Their Word or Words

The Word is a verbal expression based upon a Belief or Beliefs that The One is choosing to experience

It is integrated from many beliefs that they have chosen to believe whether true or not, good or bad and so on…

As The One Believes in their truth they choose to make statements thus implying their Beliefs, Perception and Understanding to others…

As they experience Their Truth, Beliefs and Perceptions things begin to change

“ For As It Is Viewed, As It Will Change”

The Experience of Life, when anything is viewed upon / shared, An Ex-Change Happens and it does not remain the same…

Although, you may receive another’s truth as your truth, it changes because Now it has become yours…

They may look alike, Reference, Sense and Feel Like the same, but…It has changed

For it has now become yours

Remember, that you are All Unique Expressions of The One/God,  How can anything ever be the same?

Your experiences and your thoughts of what you are choosing may seem similar, but we assure you that they are not

For example;

When another gives you their truth it is up to you how you choose to proceed with what you have been given…How you Choose..

There is always a choice (Free Will) on your behalf, how you choose to integrate another’s truth or belief

It is here at this point that you choose and later choose, how much of another’s truth you will integrate or not into your belief system as truth

We would ask you to look at it Lightly ever so Gentle with the Heart and Eyes of Unconditional Love, thus allowing others to live their truth, as you choose, to or not to integrate it into your beliefs for your experience

This Dear Ones, is how Life and Truth becomes the Experience

It is through your Beliefs and Perceptions of them, how you choose to experience life here on your planet…


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your love and support and may you all live your truth with Honesty and Integrity

May you all allow others to live their truth as they choose…with unconditional love

I would like to thank Spirit for their loving message about truth and how we perceive our lives and the lives of others

And how we create our experiences through our truths and the truths of others…

I remember that after I first woke up that my guidance came through and gave me a message

It was; “That our lives are given to us according to our Beliefs, So shall we believe it, So shall we create it”

I always believed this to be very profound, that we create our Lives and Experiences according to what we Believe…

And if you wish to change your life you must first change your beliefs or truths about how you perceive life to be

This is truly what is happening here today on the planet, so many old beliefs are falling to a greater understanding about love and life (evolution,  greater consciousness and awareness)

Also in the knowing that we are self empowered, No one rules over us, that we truly create our own reality and also co- create with others to experience many things here on earth and elsewhere

I ask you all, If it is Peace on Earth that you wish to experience to start “Looking at Life through the Eyes of Peace and you will see it and Create it Everywhere”

Thanks again, May Peace be Unto You All