Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirit Message # 60 “Arcturian Channel”  1/25/2017

Hello to you all!

For we are the Arcturians of the Galactic Empire

It is our wish today to impart to you a Gift …

A Gift of Love …a Gift of Light…

For you see, it is our understanding of this point in your growth an opening for change is occurring

For most of you, this has already become an ongoing process

In this change, during / while you process many things are going to occur

Your lives Dear Ones will not be the same

For “How can you ask for everything to change and Have the expectations for it not to?”

In this we understand that you are saying, “That you wish for things to change around you as you stay in your comfort zone.”

Please understand Dear you ask and envision change for your “New World”…Everything Changes…Even you and your lives.

For “WE Are ALL ONE!”  and “The Vision for the One is the Change for Us ALL!”

Perhaps this will make more sense to you as more of the change Becomes…

So as we hold you in The Frequency of Pure Love, We ask you,

“ To Envision this Love and Change for All, In this Vision Together, May there be Peaceful Transitions for All”

“We hold this in the Highest Frequency in Creating Peaceful Transitions for All”

As your changes occur in the Temple of Love in Light, we greet you all!

For We are the Arcturians

We are your family of Light

We are your family of Love

In the higher realms of reality, We Greet Thee…

Blessings to you All!!!…

Hi everyone..Wow what a message!  From the Arcturians…

I would like to thank them for their loving message and gift for us all..

Their energy is beautiful as is all of yours…thank you for being here..

Their gift for us all is, that during this change and transition we are experiencing,  that they wish to bring us into the

Higher Frequencies of Pure Love so that this transitional period will Be Peaceful for us all…Beautiful…Yes!

Of course it is your intent to receive this…you have the beautiful gift of free will..and they honor this and you always..

Remember you are Loved Beyond Measure..

I Am Open to Receive!

May Peace Be Unto you All