Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Visualization Affirmation” from Spirit
Good Morning Everyone!
I had a  “Visualization Affirmation” come in from Spirit this morning that I would Love to share with you all
Maybe some of you do this already and that’s wonderful,
Have a Beautiful  and Wonderful Day!
Here it is…….
Upon your awakening every morning visualize yourself as being encompassed by light ( inside and emanating out) completely surrounded in light
As you get out of bed visualize your path to wherever it is you may go first (whether the restroom, hallway, kitchen…. Etc………..)is a pathway that is luminescent, “A Pathway of Light”
And as you walk throughout the day everywhere you go is “The Pathway of Light”
Everywhere you walk, run, and even driving your car, Know That the Road your On “Is The Pathway of Light”
Be at Peace in Knowing this
Visualize everyday in every moment possible that you are on The Pathway of Light,  “ So Shall it Be”
Know that every day as you do this your path will become more luminescent to you
You will see things more clearer
You will become more aware of the path you have chosen
You will understand more about the choices you are making
You will be completely surrounded by the Light and Love of God
You will come to know this as a natural way of being
Sense and Feel the Light and Love from within and all that surrounds you as you take each step in every moment on your pathway of Light in Love
“Thank you Spirit”
Thank you all for your Love and Support
I Am very grateful for all of you
May Peace Be Unto You All