Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello, I AM here with you All Now in this Sacred place of Love,
yet to bring forth into your reality a message of Beauty and Love (One in the same)
So I will start,
Long ago in this place where many have travelled seeking Divine Awareness
You have chosen paths in separation, only to find out that there is no such thing, in this I mean that
All is One,
All is Love,
All is everything
You have all come to a place where your choices have taken you
These choices are of an awareness from within, Life Paths, Life Choices, Pervade
In this place where all have come to be, there are yet more choices for you to consider
There are Infinite Possibilities from which to create,
Within all these possibilities is the Light and Love of the Creator
Create what you wish
Blend together in Love, Harmony, Relationships, Join as One
Believe in Your Self, Know that you have The Power to Change any one thing, that change comes from within you all
There is a power, a force if you would call it that calls out to you
Open your Hearts, Feel the Love of the Creator, Let it pour out to and into everything you do and desire
The Keys of Life, The Keys of Creation
Be it as it may, there are Keys to life that also surround you,
Open your perception to Receive
“One can not see, What one can not see”
Life of the planet breathes life into All, share in this breathe of life, be Open to receive
All that you would like is waiting for you to create it!
Sure you could give it away and ask someone else to create it for you, all have done this
But I ask you all to create with, the power within
You all have Grand Unique Abilities, as you walk the planet each playing a part in Love, Oneness
Together is a place to create for all
Yes! Help each other, know that We are helping To
Also to help you All bring about change
One Ascended Master once said;
“One Who Sees the Light, Will Walk in Change Forever”
Be at Peace my children, Live as though you have never lived before!
Create as you Go!  ” In this Now Moment! ”
Not from the past, Not in the future, but Now, in This Moment
Create, Create, Create
This will help you to bring about the Freedom and Knowing from within
Connect, Connect, Connect
To All, To All that Is
To All that you Desire and Love
May the Peaceful Light of All, Reign Within All of You!!!

Note; I would again like to acknowledge Spirit and give thanks for bringing forward this message of Love
 I Thank All of you who have given Intent
 May Peace Be Unto You All