Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello once again, I Am here with You All in this Now Moment
Today I will share with you,
That God is the Beingness,
The Oneness, That Is In and Surrounds All Living Things
To be at One with God is to Find the God Within
Life is Made of it
The Air is Made of it
The Earth is Made of it
ALL Living things are of the Essence of God
You are the Perfect example of Love
Truth be known, ALL IS LOVE!!!
Hide not my children in the shadows of Truth, For it has been Shown to You Many Times!
Why Do You Hide?
Here is another truth of Love,
Peace, Harmony, In Joyment, Grace, are All Places in You
To the Beauty Inside of you ALL,  That Surrounds Us ALL
You see, you are All Unique, Wonderful, Vast Beings of creation in Accordance and Alignment with ALL THAT IS
Your Beauty and Strength hold the Keys to your Immortal Being,
Please take note in Love that has been shared with you in this moment
Embrace the truth and the Oneness of All things created, Your Part in this is Divine!!!
Understand the Love that Flows from Us to You from the other side of the Veil, WE LOVE YOU!!!
You are All so Glorious, We are Honored to be with you All
So for now I would say to you,
Worry not about tomorrow, Embrace All that you are, All that Surrounds you in this Now Moment
Again, I would like to send my Love to Spirit for bringing these messages to Us All
I thank you All for giving Intent for this also
May Peace Be Unto You All,