Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirits Message about the Oil Spill in the Gulf

Hello Now, I Am here with you All,
Your question is, What of the oil spill in the gulf?
My answer is to you,
Be aware that there is so much going on there, with the Earth changes, that you need not worry about all these, about all these concerns
regarding the spill.
You see, it is underway to repair, such as this thing
The Universal Latter Complex that will be coming forth to repair this is of a different origin
Oh, an origin, you ask.
Well lets explain, not of this planet, not of this place, you see we have given you clues to this earlier, but you wish to know more
So we will answer you as this,
We will bring forth to you this message knowing that it does have the possibilities of coming about or not
To simply see, to simply state that
All that Is, and All that will come about concerning this will bring forth a repair of the oil spill
They are guided by the Galactic Council and Mother Earth
For this is like a wound that pours out to be healed
Allot of damage this has caused, allot more damage it will cause before the wound is healed
No ordinary band aid will fix this, just as no ordinary band aid will fix what is going on in the rest of the world
You see, were in the middle of a change that will heal All
Your concerns are of materials that it will take to stop this
What if it stops from the Inside?
What if it is simply shut off from the Inside?
Did you think for one moment that Gaia does not have the power to do this?
Oh, Yes she does
There are reasons for this taking place, To show to the world that all is Not Healed Yet!
That all pours out like an open wound
Your cries pour out like an open wound
Help, Help, Help, you say, You ask for things to be fixed
But all, are Not doing their part, some are, some not
But All need to come together as One!
You see, this is what brings about the change, The change that humanity needs
The change is about Love, It is about Oneness, It is about Peaceful Nature to each other
The cries for Humanity pour out, as does the Oil Spill in the Gulf
You see, it is good for Humanity to take notice of this!
For they need to take notice of Themselves! and take some Responsibilities for themselves, and to Heal the Open Wound, Not Just Put a Band Aid over It!
Work On Yourselves my children, Heal the Wound within
Understand what this is all about, this isn’t about just some Oil Spill, one that leaves the waters murky
This is about You, you brought this about, your thought, your desires
We bring this about for you to look at
Can You Change It?  Can You Give It Love?
The Peaceful drive of all is driving this. Let go of your fears
Do you think that this Earth has not the resources to Heal Itself?
Knowing the power of Gaia, do you not feel or know that she can heal herself?
She does need Your Love children, She does care for you as you care for her
Send her the Love that is needed,
Send her your Love,
No more Grief, No more Dishonor, No more Fear
Send her Love, Your Love
Be at Peace my children, be at peace, for the wound you have opened will heal soon
This is a healing for You All!
It is the opening of a wound, it is the release of a wound, so that you may take a look at it and then begin to heal it
Then, begin to send it Love, Then begin to Change it, Then to bring about Peace, Honor, Integrity, and the Change this Planet needs
For We are all here with you my children, We are All here with you
For We know, as You know, the Love within
This is all for now, Bring About the Love!
This is all I say to you with my Love
Again I would Like to Thank Spirit for this message of Love to come through
I Thank You All for your Love and support in giving your Intent for this message
I would like to ask you all to send Gaia Love and to say Thank You to Prime Source for letting us all Play in the Garden of God
If you would like some general questions answered concerning us all, please send me your questions and I will Do My Best to have
Spirit answer them,
If any one is interested in a private channeled session please let me know and we can set up a time
Eternal Love,