Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

An extra Song, Message from Spirit # 6

Hi my friends and family, its Keith
I would like to share another message with you, this one had started out in the dream state with music and a voice singing ( its still going on)
I wasn’t going to wake up and write this and I rolled over and heard something fall to the floor, So I looked down and saw that it was a Pen that landed on the floor and I knew then it was time to get up and write. So I woke up and started to write and this is what was said;  ( its writen in kind of a song format )   I hope you all In-Joy this, maybe hum alittle
melody with it while you read
I Am going through the trials and the tribulations of the planet
only to wake up and find out,
what I have known
You see, I’ve been down this road and that road in the journey”s of my lives
only to look and see,
what I have learned
Nevermore, will I do this or do that
Nevermore, will I be told what to do
Nevermore, will I wander on the low road
Because I know Now,  whats in store
You see your life, it can be just so simple
A little of this, a little of that
How much more do you need?
We take for granted all the beauty that surrounds us
Take a moment and describe what you see
There is a place that we all like to run to
in a dream of Now and Then
Just open the door to the Infinite
and I Will Promise, Today is the Day Life Will Begin
Nevermore, will I hide in the shadows
Nevermore, will I be all alone
Nevermore, will I take this for granted
You see,  Life holds more than this
It’s time to Sing the Song
Your never lost, unless you dont want to be found
Your never gone, away from your home
The simplest things in Life are what matters,
The truth of it all, is to be, all of your own
As One, As One, You will Fly, into the great unknown, As One
There are so many possibilities as you fly on your own, As One
Nevermore, will my life be boring
Nevermore, will I walk the same road twice
Nevermore, are my trials and tribulations
Your Life wasn’t meant to be that way at All !!!
In the Realm of Spirit of whom you truly are
Comes a place to you that will also be familiar, (spirit smiles, Whats your saying?)
It’s like driving a car, Once you learn how to drive theres NO – Where You Can’t GOooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe in yourself, I tell you
If you could see through my eyes
I have a Broader Point of YOU!!!
In the Realm of Spirit I Am taken with All Life
We all wonder,  waiting here for you
Nevermore, will I worry about the old things, (ways)
Nevermore, will I do it all again
Nevermore, are the same choices
You see life is abundant, It is yours to Explore