Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”


The Story of the Apple Tree…and its Origin
You see…the apple tree has been around for a few thousand years and for some as far as we can remember, Always bearing Beautiful and Wonderful Fruit
The Apple Tree as it Recreates life within itself brings a Beautiful Flower to a Full Blossom and then from the flower a Wonderful Fruit Becomes..
As the fruit grows it is therefore attached to the tree because “It Is the fruit of the tree, Its seedling” one might say…
Although it does not look like the tree at the moment , it is still very much so the tree, with all of its attributes..It is the Fruit!
Created by the tree in its likeness …Wonderful…Beautiful…Sustainable…well you get the picture..
Now as there is just not one apple on the tree…there are many…for this is an old tree .. it has been bearing fruit for as long as we can remember…
The fruit, although they may have many similarities (of being an apple, and also coming from the same tree) We can assure you that they are all different..
They may have similar appearances to the eye but we can assure you that they are all unique by design..
Some of their colors are different…some more so than others
Some are sweet and some not so sweet….but they are the same in nature
ALL Created >From the Same TREE!
Now as for the journey of The Apple
Some may ripen to their full potential, their full maturity ..some don’t ripen at all …some get picked to be enjoyed by many ..others however do not ..for unknown reasons…Always by choice….and some leave at an early age
You see many things happen, to the Apple, the Fruit of The Tree while on their journey’s
(those stories are all for a different time, for we would like to focus our story on a more simpler way for you to understand, so we will keep it this way for now)
So we continue, some apples ripen to their full potential and some do not, but..they are Never the Less..
They are All on a Different path…
Some allow for the Love of the tree to help them complete their cycle of life…
Never the less,  as all  the apples leave the tree they are Not Separate from the tree..
They all bear inside a seed …a seed from their creator …a little tiny seed ..that when it is planted in fertile soil and given the water that is necessary for growth, Re Creates itself again and again as the Beautiful Tree that once Created it…
Hi everyone
I got woken up at about 5 this morning to bring this message forward, it came through repeatedly over and over a little different than I am used to and I hope that I got it right, I did my best to be as clear as possible and I hope that it makes sense to you all..
They also said… ( and I was a little reluctant to write this )  Quote: ” We ask you please do not judge this one or the story we have asked him to bring forward for your simpler way of understanding how the cycle of life works, to look at this lightly, through the eyes of love…for you are all truly loved beyond measure…”   We thank you…
May Peace Be Unto You All