Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you all,
For we are here with you today in this Now moment
We are here with you in every moment…
In this place of this time and transmission,
We wish to speak with you about Soul Intelligence
We come from a Grand Source
The Source of Light
The Source of Love
The Source of All Creation
Weather judged to be good or bad, never the less , but a Beautiful Source that creates All Life from Love
You see children you come from This Light, This Love , This Source of Grand Intelligent Wisdom
You see the Father/Mother of All creation wishes for you to know this…
It is our greatest wish that you come to know and understand this…
“You are no greater or less than the one who created you”  You are beautiful by design…
The Uniqueness that you are, The Beauty that you are , it is our wish that you allow the words in this energy to permeate every facet of your being so that you will know and understand this as we do…
You are Never the Less!  For that is an old belief system given to you by those who wish to keep you in fear!
We Say, FEAR NOT!  And allow for the Love of God to permeate every cell, every facet of your being and
“Be the Celebration of Life”!  For you all know this to be true?
Understand that you are All Loved beyond Unfathomable Measure..
Your lives now are changing again
Your beliefs are changing and the significance of this is grand…
We know that for some of you this may be difficult, if you allow for this to be and embrace each moment with grace and ease …this shall be…
We love you children, we do not wish for your lives to become difficult
It is in the “Allowance of how you Perceive it to be” that makes it so…
Believe in yourselves, know that we are always here to help and guide you…. if you wish
Some of you may know this and some may not, but we do need your permission to do this, for you are the honored ones
So just ask and be open to receive…. we love you more than you know
We are watching and participating in this experience with you
Our wish is that you come to know us better, we are with you in the Co-Creation of your lives
It is from here we will rest and leave you with this message to contemplate
May the light of all creation shine within your hearts…
Hi Everyone
I know It has been a little while since I have sent out a message…I am enjoying my journey and doing well…
I hope you all are doing well too…I am wishing you all the best in Love and Light
May Peace Be Unto You All