Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Peacefulness  “A Way of Being”
Hello to you all,
Every time you Transmute a discordant energy  ( A thought signature) (A thought)
You purify the energy as a release, in love
Thus freeing the Mind ,the Heart, and the Soul to become more Peaceful
As your journey continues this is part of your “Releasing Process” to help you come into that place of Continual Freedom
You see, Life changes in every moment,  With Every thought, creating your Greatest Potentials  whether they are pleasing or not so pleasing to you
It is your attention to these thoughts that will create the life from which you are experiencing
So we say to you, “Choose to be in a Peaceful Place , A Place of Benevolence and Create your lives from here”
We all know that at times you do choose the peaceful thoughts from that place of peacefulness
This is the result of your lives changing and helping you all come to a place of peaceful understanding
Never the less, In a Peaceful Thought are the Grand Creations of Your Love and Inner Sight
Behold the Love that you carry, For this is REAL
For it is Now Time for you to Reflect upon this Love from Within and create your lives from here
Be that as it may, It is all but a choice
To Live and Create a Life that is more Peaceful, Is The Grandest Gift of Life in Love of All
Take with you in your daily thoughts this transmission of love and create your lives from a more peaceful way of thinking and being
It will be from here that you will create and see peace everywhere
Go in peace children and create the lives that you have always wished for and have dreamt about in a conscious place of peacefulness, This Will Be.
We leave you now, for in this moment
“WE See Peace as a Way on Earth”
“WE See Life in its Ever Changing Ways Peaceful” …and
“WE See YOU as the Grandest Creator, Creating what You Love to See Most…..and that children is…
“Peace Within Becomes Peace Without”
WE bid you a Grand Day in all your Peaceful Creations….
Hi Everyone,  Happy New Year!   Happy New You!  
 I Am sending My Love and Gratitude to Spirit and to all of you for creating this message of love to share
May we all choose to create from a place of peacefulness in our daily thoughts and lives
I know that in these days, our lives are changing very fast and at times it is very hard to stay balanced and focused
A few years ago when I was going through some challenging times on my journey Spirit gave me a gift of love to help me through
This gift has helped me to create balance and peacefulness of the mind, body and soul in my life
I would love to share this gift here with you,
May this gift of Peace and Love help you as it has helped me
Here it is, say three times …or as many as you wish
“ I Am Love “
“I Am Spirit”
“I Am Peace of Mind”
May Peace Be Unto You All