Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello, and I Am here once again to bring forth yet another message
Believe in this or not is yet a choice, one that you will make
I take you now, if you will follow my words to a place, a place of contentment if you will,
I say this to you so graciously for we have been here before
You see there is a place that is divine within you
A place of Joy, Happiness, Peace
So gracious you are in the understanding of love
The teaching that I Am about to give
comes from the ways of Ancients
Take the stone, if you will and cast it to the water
as it touches the waters, it glances off, skipping across ever so gently not knowing when it is to stop and become immersed in the gentle surroundings of the water
As it gently flows through the water to the bottom it finds its place amongst the stones that rest there
As they join together, they find one another in this resting place
As the water gently flows through and around them, they notice a clarity, a peaceful sensation of life
Crystal clear is the view for some,
Murky for others
Although ever flowing and gentle the water may seem, for it carries and brings about the change, that is, ever flowing
Be at peace during this ever flowing, ever-changing times of your lives
Cast not the stone to another
Hold out your hands and help breathe life into all things
Show compassion, bring your Love to All
I know at times you say, why this one?
Why not that one?
Well I will tell you this
Open Your Heart to ALL!!!
This will help you to bring about the Peace within yourself
Share and be kind
Give and it will be given to you
Allow and Allowance to all that is grand is granted
You see the sparrow fly to and fro, drifting along the winds of change, never worrying
Knowing that all is grand
Knowing that all is good
The sparrow knows that the abundance of life flows through and all around us
On the wings of the wind life flows
Follow your hearts my children on the wings of change
Be it not for your grand wishes
would you not be experiencing such grand wishes
Take this moment and time in your lives to open to life
For it is Grand, It is Alive!!! and surrounds us all!
Here we sit again together in this moment of all that is life,
bringing about beautiful and wondrous wishes
you see you are all so wondrous
It is time for me to go, so I will leave you with this
Worry not, about all the change that you have created
But embrace the beauty and the Love that this change will bring about
IN All That You Are
IN All That We Are
IN All That IS
Blessings to all of you most wondrous beings of LOVE
Just a note; I thank Spirit and the Love of all of you, 
again giving your intent for these messages of love to come through
Eternal Love