Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Live Channel at the Luminosity  Group Gathering on Sept 8th 2014 in Pagosa Springs Colorado”
“The Remembrance of Love”
Hello to you all
We are here today to help bring you into a place of Remembrance
To help you seek , To help you here…To help you remember all of whom you are
For in this place that we have gathered today, You bring Wishes, You bring Dreams,
You bring Thoughts of whom you wish to be and of whom you thought you were and of whom you are
Listen to me….Listen to your Heart … this will tell you
Hold that Love that is in your Heart and Listen to the Radiance of your Being …This will show you
This will help you to remember
This will help you to understand the Love that you are
Once it was said that “The Love of GOD Reigns Forever” ……and it has been said many times since
You should Listen to this! 
For this IS whom you are!  “You are The Love of God That Reigns Forever”!
How can you not see this… at times?
How can you not feel this?
For Love is whom you are…
Not this Matter, Not this form of which you have taken on, not the old thought process only of what you think you are…But the Love… The Love…
The Power of God…The Power of Will ….Together in the remembrance of your being
We say to you Listen…Listen…In the Stillness of the Quiet,… Listen…
It is there you will find me…It is there you will find us..for we are you…”Love the Eternal Being”
You are AMAZING!
We are you together as One…The JOY…The HAPPINESS…The PEACEFULNESS…
Come with me now…
I wish to take you to a place of your is within you…In that place you call your Heart
For us it’s the Love of God…Your Infinite Being… Your True Self
I AM asking you to Hold Your Self in Love…
To Feel this True Sense of Your Being…  Here with me… Now…IS LOVE…Love that I bring to you, Your Remembrance of who you are
Allow for this….to open your mind and flow through to your heart, the remembrance of whom you are
It is here …it is within you all…this place of remembrance…
Touch it..Feel it..Taste it..
You know this…you all understand this..
But I still see that there is some doubt, this is OK
This is the human with so many programs, so many fundamental things that have run over lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of coming and going
I wish for you all to understand this…to see this…To Know This…
When the programs stop…the Love Is There…
(Spirit is very silent here) (Please take a moment to sit in the silence)
Understanding You Is one of the most difficult things you may encounter…
But you chose this…You chose to come here without knowing who you are in Search of “The Grand Remembrance of Your Being”
You all have done this many times..
And Now…you did it once more
We would ask you to be Careful…To be Gentle to one another and allow the Love to flow through you
Open your Hearts to this,  in this place of being
Allow and Know that we are always here with you
We see the many tears that you have cried
We see the many difficulties that you have had,  that you have undergone and have gone through many times….
Lifetime after Lifetime….We have been there with you through them ALL
We have shared them all with you…The Joys…The Pleasures…and the Not so joyous pleasures
We wish for you to know that you are never alone…we are always with you…Always…No One is ever alone
Take with you now these Remembrances of Love
Take these with you, hold this energy of love within you and know that we are always here
If you wish to speak with us , speak and we will listen…Nod and we will know…Share and we will help you to share your love…
Understand that it is a journey for us as well
We Laugh with you…We Laugh with you …We Laugh..
May You Be at Peace in this Moment
May You Radiate The Light that You Are to the World
Come Together as One in a Peaceful Union of Love….
And so it is….
Hi everyone..
I would like to thank Spirit for this wonderful message about “ The Remembrance of Love”
I would like to thank those wonderful souls who were there that day of the channeling and those of you who are reading now …again I thank you for your intent in love
I give unto you this message…
“I cannot give you anything that you do not already have…all I can do is help you to Remember”
May Peace Be Unto You All