Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Joining of the Heart”
Hello to you all
I come to you now through the Heart of Love as it resounds with you as your own
Today we will talk about your lives in the creation of love
In this place I honor you, for you have become
In your Heart Is the truth of Love, how it affects you on this Earth plane
Times have gone by for you in the trusted manner in the ways of learning
You seek New Ways of this
In doing so you have come to a place of Greater Awareness with a Greater Understanding about Life, hence “The Ways of New”
There will be a time and a place to gather, You will be shown this
You will All come together in the Knowing of Love
Your path Now will take you there
Common Knowledge Will Not!
It will be the Knowing of Love from within, for this is your guide ,this is your truth
Touch the Heart of Love from within and guide yourself
It is here you will know me by name,  “In the name of Love We Are”
Dance in this place, We Will !
Be Joyful in this place , YES!
In Harmony with all life will be your way
I will help you on this journey to be at one within, for you have opened your hearts to me and I have accepted your invitation
I invite you Now into My Heart, into a realm of Love where I reside
At One with the Father and the Mother
Bring with you Nothing
For the Love of GOD IS YOU
I AM here waiting to receive you into this Place of the Heart
I AM here for I await your arrival
My Heart IS Open as IS Yours, Join with me In Peace In Love
(Prayer in silence)
(I Open My Heart to thee Father and Mother, I give you thee All that I Am, I Walk with thee Now and Forever, I Am that I Am)
For all who listen will reside within
Take my hand and join with me
(Prayer in silence)
(I Open My Heart to thee Father and Mother, I give you thee All that I Am, I Walk with thee Now and Forever, I Am that I Am)
For we have joined Our Hearts as One
I Am with you…you with me….In this place of silence I AM
For I Am Yeshua Son of God…Son of Love…Son of Eternal Light
It IS Here that I reside with you
Together as one
I Honor you in this place…I await your arrival
Amen….and so it is…
Hi everyone
I am speechless….and silent…the love that I experienced as this came through is so beautiful and I am still resting in this love
Yeshua gave us the channel and after the channel he gave us the (Prayer in silence) for us to say in “The Joining of the Heart”
He asked that in the silence that we would all take a moment to sense and feel him, the Father and the Mother and the energy of love as our hearts join in this moment
He asked that you be in this moment for as long as you wish, and he will be there to join with you
I thank all of you for giving intent in love for this message of love to come through
I am grateful for all of you in sharing this journey
May your hearts open in love
May you have a Joining of the Heart
May Peace Be Unto You all