Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“ A Story”   7/30/2014

The story of life,
What is the story you are writing?
Hello to you all…

For we come to you here today in a peaceful setting of life of love
For you all have journeyed through many lifetimes watching and participating in Love in Life as it unfolds before you
You have reached a point Now in your growth,  Your understanding of how things have come to be…
You see, Life in its ever changing ways has come to you once again Beckoning and Calling for the Master to Create

Many stories have been told
Many stories have been lived
The many stories of your being
The many lives of your creations

You   The Creator  Source  Divine Light
Whatever it is you wish to call this W-Holy Being from Within is wishing to create once again into the vast space of Nothing
Into the vast space of love from which all things Become

Your stories now children are changing in ways of Divinity
You are stepping into your power of creating, a power that has been, …what we would say…. long forgotten

The Masters Knew!  They have come in many lifetimes to share , to show, to help , to assist you in this Grand Remembrance of Life In Creation

You all know this to be true..

It is the understanding ,the Inner Reflection that brings you all to this knowing… Only By Choice..
Always by Your Choice, you have chosen to Re-Discover the Truth about Life in Love In All Creation
For you are the Honored Ones

Belief Now Will set you apart from all others…it is your Beliefs Now that are changing, They are changing  “The Forms of that Which Is Created”
You see, it is in your Beliefs that brings this W-Holiness to Life
Your wishes, your thoughts, your desires from here, will bring about the change that you wish to be..
It is our love with your love that creates anew

We wish you the Best in all of your creations
It is your Divine Will that This Will Come to Be ….reach in and Be-Come…and Live your Lives children In Heaven on Earth….

You are now writing “The Greatest Story that Will Ever Be Told In the Grand Book of Life”      IT IS YOUR CHOICES NOW THAT THIS WILL COME TO BE !!!

We leave you now in this moment on the edge of creation where life in love becomes…….Grand……Grand Indeed…..

And so it is…..

I would like to thank Spirit and all of you who have given intent for this message to be
I am glad that I Am here with all of you to participate in a new story of love and creating new life here on earth

I have to say , It was funny, .. that after I transcribed this and left for work this morning the first song on the radio was “A Brand New World” from one of the Disney movies….(  I love that song )
I Love Spirit and the little synchronicities that if you are paying attention you can see them all around you
I love you all and thank you for being a part of my story

May Peace Be Unto You All