Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you all
I am here once again to share with you another message in love
It is our understanding now that the potentials you are creating, are moving your reality and changing life here on the planet
The usual and not so usual experiences that you are having are going to Escalate into places Unknown
You have walked many places in the knowing of many things but for now these places will be of unknown
We will ask you to walk into the places that are unknown, for in these places that are unknowing you will enhance your abilities to Be
To Be- come more than you have ever known
You see, young ones will accommodate your actions, for it is in their beliefs that the way of the old must go
They will assist you in ways of your unknowing  into Ways of the New
They will guide you through a process that will help you to see things and understand things that will help create a New Reality
It is with Their Help and Your Divine Abilities that this Will Come To Be
Open your Hearts and Sights to what they have to offer
Ensure to them that what they bring to you Will Be Honored In LOVE
Allow for this door to open in trust and help them to bring forward “The Peace in their Will”
Open your hearts Old Souls, to these Grand New Ideas from your young ones
For it is Yours, Theirs, and Your New Realities that are being created (spirit repeated this again referring to what is a potential to become)
Allow for this information to flow in Light for All to See!
And re-adjust in the Honoring of Self
Be at peace with this Old Soul for you are on the Precipice of Creating ANEW
With every thought, word, and action you make , Life ANEW  Will Be Come
Happiness  Joy  and ways of New Profound Love await you!
Create with the young ones and help them help you, With the Ways of NEW
We leave you now in this moment to help you see your way into ways that are unknown to you
Grant unto yourself the Benevolent Love of the Creator and move from the Known into the Unknown of life in creation as you write the “Ways of the New”
And so it is……
I would like to thank spirit and all of you for giving intent for this message to be
I send my love and compassion  to the young ones , and to all of you, may we join together with them to create a new life here on the planet ” PEACE ON EARTH!!! “ now and into our future in Love and Light of our beings!
May Peace be Unto You All