Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Habit Forming
Are Habits Forming”
Hello to you all
Habitual forming of the mind has gone on within the mind for centuries,
If you wish to create lives A New move into that space that is new to you, a place Unknown…..
In this place of unknowing is you, the Creator in an ever opening, ever expanding field of Consciousness and Awareness
Out into this field of vast Creation Life Becomes
You , your thoughts, unequivocal Imagination, Everything you have ever wished for or have dreamt about  Be-Comes here in this space of No-thing
For in this space of No-thing  “All That IS Be-Comes”
So we would ask of you,
In this Space of No-Thing, to become More Consciously Aware of what it is “You are Creating”
If it is Old Experiences and Old Lifetimes of Patterns that it is you wish to Re-visit,
Then by the means of your creations that which are old, You will remain
If it is Something NEW in your lives that Intrigues you or Sparks The imagination, “By the Power of Your Will” Create! These “GRAND NEW POSSIBILITIES”!
We would say move into These New Ideas, New Potentials of Life Becoming ANEW!
Will Your Power in Love children and Create the Life that you Wish to Create!
A Life that IS Boundless!
A Life that IS Open and FREE!
Free from your Old Ways, Free from your Old Habits
Join with US Now and Believe in yourselves that you can do this!
You are The Power of LOVE from Within!
Be Joyous!
Be Laughter!
Be Happy! In all that you are creating and which was created
Take note of the lives that you have created and create Anew
There are many New things that you wish to create , We say to you Create them!
Create them from your Heart, Create from Love
We would ask you Now to join Us on the Edge of Creation and Create the Life and Lives
that you have always wished for and have Consciously Dreamt About
Bring these Forward Into Your Heart and In the Realization of Your Mind and Create
Fear Not!
For in this place if you bring fear, you shall create it!
Bring with you Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Joy, Abundance, Clarity, Happiness, Imagination Unknown and Create!
Ask us to help and we will assist you in Your Greater Good and the Greater Good for All
It is here children, that Life In Love Be-Comes
Be at peace in this knowing and remember
“In the Balance of All Lives Is the Balance of All Creation”
We bid you a good day…
Hi everyone
I would like to thank Spirit for this Beautiful message in Love
And I would like to thank all of you for giving intent in love for this to come through as well
May Peace Be Unto You