Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Death of the Body is not the death of the soul, it is a graduation of Life in Love”
Hello to you all
Death of the body is a graduation of the soul, in this we mean every time that you  come and go on the planet
There is a celebration, a celebration of light, of life in the passing,
passing a marker,  a marker of energy that was set forth by the soul before you entered into this lifetime
Your lesson or lessons is a celebration of a completion of energy that was set into action before you came into this plane of earth
You, that was created knew, knew what was coming and yet, you did not
There is a connection from the body to the soul, a union
What about the young ones who come and go so early? We see them leave at such a young age?
Well I will tell you,
The old soul who has come and gone at such an early age has come back to complete an energy, an energy that was set into action in many lifetimes of coming and going on the planet
They had come back and left early to complete this energy and it is usually in the height of compassion,
to raise the compassion in the highest state in a measurement of energy
You see you have come many times to raise the energy and vibration of the planet, this is what you do old soul
You bring with you many gifts and attributes that you come back again and again with to share,
to share with those who will listen
I say now, open your hearts and listen, hear and feel the love pour out to you from your creator
Be the presence of Love, Be the Hope, Be the guiding force that wells up from within you
Be compassionate to others and understand that they are the Love of God too…
We leave you now and are very pleased that you have come to share your love with all
And so it is……
Hi everyone, I would like to thank spirit for this message in love and I would like to thank so many of you who have come and gone many times to raise the vibration of compassion and love here on earth and elsewhere……
May Peace Be Unto You All