Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“ Conversation with God”
I asked God , what Is this journey and Life about?
God replied:
I Am The journey of Love Within you
Your creations, your abilities, your wonders, your clarity, your Imagination, your truth
The many wonders that you have gathered, watched, and witnessed
It Is through Me the Divine Love that all experiences come to be
You choose these Grand Possibilities in your Free Will to Experience or Wonder
I AM with you Always
For you are never alone
I Am the Creator of the Created it is with me you will always walk
For eons now you have experienced, through all realms of light and formed expressions in many life’s and ways of being
It is the Grand hope Now that you truly understand and believe in whom you are and the essence of your being
The Essence of God
The Essence of God is whom you are
The Essence of Love in all creation inner twined with all beings, your brothers , your sisters, your friends , your families are all the essence of God together as One
We Love you all
For all Is love
May peace Be unto you all as your journeys prevail
It Is our hope now that you become all that you have wished for in the Light of your Being
We wish that you Now have a Greater Understanding of whom you are
I asked God, Is there more?
God said: “You live, there is always more”
Hi everyone, I am very silent,….. the love that has come through today, I will tell you that the tears are rolling down my face my heart is open
And I feel so much love……I can’t explain..  my wish is that you feel this as well….
I thank you all
I thank God for this message in Love today