Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“A New Paradigm”   “A New Way”
Has it ever occurred to you that your lives Now are changing,
Changing from a place of old ways, old habits into something NEW,
Something Grand, Something far more grand than you can conceive?
We wish to tell you this so that you can Be aware of the work that you have accomplished!
Yes, we told you of Re-calibration, and the ways of the old
How in this past year your old ways would re-surface
How they would come to the surface for you to look at!
Yes, it has been a year!
We have talked to you about Belief and the Knowing of your ways
What you are choosing or not
What you are creating or not
Believe in yourselves children for the” New Ways, The New Shift, The New Paradigm IS HERE”!
Create your lives from within
With Love,
With Kindness
With Peace
With Compassion
Help others and help yourselves in love
Believe in life Here After, for we are in the Life Now, HERE- AFTER
Take a moment to Be Joyous
A moment to Love Yourselves in New Ways, ways you have never thought of before
Take a leap, take a jump into Life A New
We are Peaceful Beings who surround you In Love
Believe in the Love that you are
Believe in the Love that created you
Believe in that place of silence where “All IS Connected”
Your joy forevermore vibrates on High!
Smile, Be Joyful, Be FREE!
Of course you know this!
We Love You Children
We Wish the Best for You ALL, In this New Place in your New Ways!
Life In Love Creates
And so it is…
Hi Everyone, wow what a beautiful energy, what a wonderful message
I feel and sense Magic in the air!
Love yourselves, as spirit says
And YES!  We are doing it!   Be Happy!  Be Joyful!
Stand on the Edge of Creation and Create something NEW!  I Dare you!  Ha Ha………… I am smiling…………….
I thank Spirit for this wonderful message in love and I thank all of you for your intent in love to be here,  all of us together
May Peace Be Unto You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!