Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you all,
You began this journey in a state of grace in the light of your being
Your journey is of the same Now
Perhaps you once believed yourself to be lost, but as you have been told many times
You are Never lost, Never alone, for we are always with you
Your lives Now are forever changing
Embrace these thoughts of change In Love
For you are all masters of creation, walk in Love. Be this Love in the Light of Your Being
Trueness of your Hearts will be shown
Ask for guidance as you guide others, we are always here to help
Belief in Love is a Very Important Guiding Tool, You may use this Always
Trust in yourselves, guide yourselves and you will be shown
Belief isn’t something
Belief is in the No-thing of Spirit, Of Life Of Love
I AM in the No-thing of your Lives
To create something you must first create from No-thing
We Love you All
I would love to thank spirit for this wonderful message in love
And I thank all of you for your belief and creations in love
May Peace Be Unto You All