Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Allow”    “Detach”    “Be”
I Am Love of the Living Light
Good Day to you All!
“Allow” others to believe in their perception of Love in Life
“Detach”  from all others belief, for it is their path and truth that guides them on their journey
“Be”  the Love of the Living Light and Guide with your Knowledge, Beliefs, and Perception of Love that whence helped you to BE- Come
For your Truth is your Truth
Allow others to Be their Truth
And together all truths will become harmonious In All Life, In All love
Share with each other your beliefs, your lives, your understandings of all things
It is here you will formulate “New Ways of Life”  “New Ways of Being”
Remember not all thoughts are good, bad, right, wrong or other
They are the creations of your limiting beliefs, they will guide you and lead you to the next belief from whence you learned….. and on to the next
It is here that you gather the information that guides you and so on…….
You will now have a greater understanding about beliefs, through sharing, understanding, teaching, and  knowledge of your lessons and experiences
Share them, share them all
For this creates Life and Knowing in all others
To experience these beliefs creates wisdom and more teaching
Your Love, You, In all that you are Is the Expression of Life and Love of the Grand Creator
“You”  “God”  “Source”  “The Holy Spirit”  in all the energy of life unknown and known
It is here we will rest and bid you a Grand Day!
For all life in all form is of Love
Remember when you are explaining your beliefs and perceptions
Sometimes others may not understand you and you may not understand their points of view and also their beliefs
To maintain a Greater Understanding in all of this is to
“Allow”  “Detach”   “Be”
Hi everyone!
I would like to thank Spirit and all of you for your love and support in giving intent for this loving message to come through
I am very grateful for all of you!
May Peace and Love Be unto you all