Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

So we begin now with this message of Love,
Hello to you All, I Am here once again with you in this now moment
to bring yet another message, one that is Divine
For All of you who seek, listen closely
The time draws near for you in this place to become ONE
Open your Hearts, Your Eyes,
Sense and See, All that your Creator has bestowed upon you
whether it be Pleasures of your Heart, or the Beauty of the Flower
There are reasons for the transformations that you are all now undergoing
These transformations bring you closer to a way of Being, that some of you have long forgotten,
Open to All that IS
Be at peace, though you may wonder why so much change
Did you not ask for this?
A Peaceful Planet, ” you wish”
A Peaceful way of living, “you say”
Well here it comes!!!
The change into a way that only you create, you create the reality where you sit, where you reside
Know that all is well in all that you create
You see, you are Loved beyond measure
The Peace , The Love, that emanates from within is truly your gift to the world,
I ask you, if you would let your Love emanate out to the world
To bring about the change, the life, that all of you desire
Peaceful times for some
and not so Peaceful for others
Blessed Are Those Who Love
For in this place, bring about all of that you desire, and bring forth this change in Love
Steadfast in the Brightness of the day to all who believe
Cherish not, the thoughts of your old ways, for that is all they are, old ways
Move forward into the change that you desire, bring about, New Creations, New Thoughts, New Ideas, New ways of your self expression
Know that your path is Divinely Illuminated of that you walk
For there are many ways and that is for you to choose, Open, Vast, and Infinite,
Open and ever widening for you to choose and create
Love my children Love, for you are a Guiding Light to behold
For in this now moment, I bid you a sweet farewell
May the Over light of your soul pass within you All
Note: I would like to thank all of you who have given Intent for this message to come through, also I would like to say thank you to those of you who have written me back and the ones  who have shared with your friends
Blessings to you All,