Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

  “Will Power”
Good Morning!         In Love!  In Light!
You have asked, we have answers!
Create from a place “IN BEING”
A place of “Peace Being” and your creations “ Will BE” Peaceful
Create from a place “IN BEING”  Abundant and your creations This “Will BE”
Create from a place  “IN BEING” Love and ALL of your Creations “Will BE Loving”
WILL these “Powers of BE” and you shall create These of “Your Will”
“WILL POWER” not a resisting power of whence you were told, but very different
Will your powers of Love in a place of Being In Love and Create “These Wills of Being”
The Wills of Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Beauty, Abundance, Prosperity, Absolutely Prosperity You All are Deserving!
Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, CREATIVITY! And the list continues within your Imagination!
Bring these forward children and “Will These Powers IN LOVE”, “ In GRACE”,
In the Softness and Silence of your Hearts in Love
“Will Power” Much different than what you were all taught and led to believe
Understanding your power in This Will is in the place of Silence in your Heart within your Being
Laughter To the World you are! For this WILL BE your Voice!
One of Joy , Happiness, Togetherness in life!
Sing From your Hearts!  And open to “All That IS” for it is here you will learn to fly!
I AM LOVE and JOY in the understanding of your being
May Peace and Love Rain down on you In the Love, In the Light of your Being
For you are so ever close in all that you are
We Love You!
The Divine Brotherhood of Light
Hi Everyone
Wow! What a beautiful and divine loving energy today,
This one different and wonderful!
What I am understanding form them is that they wish for us to start willing are powers in love and to believe in who we are
I have a sense from them that most of us don’t realize how powerful we truly are
That they wish for us to use our powers in love and will them in all the wonderful ways of our being, Awesome!
I wish to thank “The Divine Brotherhood of Light” for this beautiful message and all of you who gave intent for this to be!
Will your powers and have fun!
May peace Be Unto you All!