Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Greetings Every One…
In this place, In your Hearts  I AM
I Am forever present in the presence of your being
We together as One shall this always Be
Understand your life in all of your creations, Peace there, Shall always be
Please, we ask of you to be patient with this
An understanding of Balance, Balancing your lives, and Balance in the lives of others we bring this to be
Again we say, be patient with yourselves and All others, know that they too are in process
For they, you, and the lives you all create come to a place of greater understanding
Beneath all of this is your old ways, the foundations from which you became,
Arise from these places and begin A New to places unknown
Your beliefs now in all that you have been in all that you have created will be that of past creations
It has set a precedent for you to become, to build off of, to help you in ways unknown as your lives Now Create
With this Now in the center of your Consciousness, move out from here,
knowing in mind where you were,  where you have been and know that this too is ok and appropriate
You will begin, New Ways, New Lives, New Understandings of your beings
A reflection of all that you have been is appropriate at times, we ask you to not stay there, move forward in your New Creations and Lives
“Peace Be Known to You”  “ This Will Be”
Will this and So shall it Be
Be this and So shall it Become
Understand this and your lives forevermore “This Will Be”
We are here to Love You and Guide You
Ask for our guidance and it Will Be Shown to you
Be aware of this and our guidance Will Appear
We love you and we give our peace to you
“May Your Lives Now Be in the Creative Consciousness of Love Forevermore”
We bid you a good day!
I thank Spirit and all of you in helping to bring these messages to be
I love  all of you and thank you all for being in my life
I wish you the best in all that you create in love in life
May peace be unto you all