Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Living Your Lives in a Place of Peaceful Design
Align with your Heart,
Know that your creations in this lifetime are real, they are Not Illusory
They are by Design, your mission here is to Experience Love In All that you Create
For these creations may become as real or not so real as you wish
In this place in time exists, You, Your Lives , Your Creations
Your Experiences of these will help you in the Greater Expansion of Life
In having Full Knowledge of what you are experiencing is grand!
Be Aware as you experience
Feel, Sense, Understand,
Know, what it is you are doing
What it is you are creating
Believe in  Your Selves and those who wish to share in your lives and creations
Know that they too have asked for your help in this relationship and journey as well
As they bring forward their gifts to share, be open to receive what it shall be that they offer
Know that all is by choice , All is by Design,
It is how you choose to interact with these choices creates ANEW
There are places that you go to hide from Greater Choosing
Upon releasing these ideas of old choice, New Choices Will Appear and Grander Choices One Will make
Believe in Yourself
Understand We Know that from past choices others may have had an Alternate Agenda as to what you may have chosen
(This was Appropriate for your Learning and Greater understanding about Love, Choices and Life)
We would ask you to choose more wisely and broaden your views of your choices
It is All OK
Take a chance
Make a choice
Explore your Lives
There is always time to make a different choice it is Never too late, for you are All Infinite!
Be well, Be at Peace and know that your choices are “Created By Design” in the Perfection of Life In Love
Good Day!
I would like to thank Spirit and all of you in helping to bring about awareness as to what we are choosing and what we are creating
May We All Be The Love That We Wish To Create
May Peace Be Unto You All