Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“I Am The Universe of Love”
“I Am The Universe of Love”
“I Am The Universe of Love”
Hello and Good day to you all
For it is here you will find out more about self discovery
One Being at One with One in all that Is One, In a United Verse of Love
Walk with me now , if you wish
To a place that you may find very familiar
Take your Hats Off and Open your minds to All That Is
For in this place you will find The love that has been sought out, and for many seekers this is what you are wishing to find
So, here you are trying to figure things out, on your way in life looking for the reasons that life has become or has given you this experience
You wonder about this, you contemplate that, but you feel as if you don’t know
Understand this my children
That the life you are creating has become more than you understand
It is the way for now
As you walk as your consciousness opens you will indeed come to an understanding of all
You will understand more about the “Cosmic Soup of Creation” for it is here in this place of being that all are creating as One
Believe in this or not, All is as it should be
“The Will of Love has Created”
As your paths continue, life on This Planet continues as well
We See, We Know, We Understand
Be patient with yourselves and all others
Be at Peace in the love you are Creating
Understand that life in love Becomes
With so many Creating in every moment it is here in “The Cosmic Soup of Life is Loves Entanglement”
We wish you ALL the very BEST in Life’s Wishes!!!
We walk with you now (spirits way of saying come walk with us)
Together in every moment we are Here!  For we have told you of this before, you are never alone
Our place is with you as your lives become
To help you have a greater understanding of All things Grand
Many of you forget this as your daily lives move about
Remember we are always near, always close by, we never leave you
Keep Us Always in your Hearts, Always in your Thoughts and the Closeness will Become More, Forevermore
It is you decisions,  it is your choices in this to bring “All That IS” closer or not into your lives, Be at Peace with this
We Now Wish to Send You Our Love
“I AM and Forever Will Always Be”
Take with you now this promise of Love and reflect to the world all that Love Is
We bid you a Good Day
Hi everyone,
It’s been awhile since I have sent out a message, and yes my life is changing too
New and Wonderful things are happening as well as what spirit says,  Things that we don’t understand (Just yet)
When I channeled today this was a different energy than I have channeled before
Felt very feminine and soft but different
She seemed that she wanted us to know that all the changes that are upon us and all the things that we are creating are appropriate (It’s what we wished for)
That they are always with us, no matter how difficult or how wonderful things are and she gave us a choice as always to bring them closer into your awareness or not
Remember We are all creating together, and I would ask of you to Create in a place of Love always, for your greatest good and the greatest good for all
Again I thank you all for participating in my life, I thank Spirit for the Love that they always share with us
May peace Be Unto You All