Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

For I Am Peace in the Light of God
For I Am an Expression of Love
I Am and Will Always Be
For I Am Love Expressing
I Am you
Hello to all of you
For you all now have come to a place, where all that you wished for will become
Be at peace in the knowing
For the Christed Energy of Love is within and upon you all
You have all wished for this in some form or another
It is Here, Now, Within You  
Look and you will see
Seek and you will find that the Love of the Christ is you
Within All of You
You are Vast, Beautiful, Wonderful!
Your lives now are becoming that of all of your dreams, your wishes , your hopes
Being this is your first step into life anew
Knowing this is Grand Indeed!
We have come far with you, holding you, helping you, understanding you in all that you have wished for
Beloveds it is up to you now to change!
Bring forward your dreams, your wishes in Awareness in the Grand Consciousness in Life
You know now who you are but still hesitate to improve your lives
You have learned and have become so much in the ways of knowing
Release your Fears and LIVE!
Live your Lives in the Purity of Peace
In the Purity of Light
In the Purity of Love
Take with you these tools of All,  In Gods Grand Creation and use them to Create your Life
In a Creation of Beauty, Honor and Peace
Be Integral in all that you Choose!   For life chooses you as well
Summon the Love of God to help guide you and bring you to this place of all your Grand Wishes and Desires
Children it is from here you will create life evermore
It is your Light, it is your Love that is Boundless
Moving through time you will
Moving through places of time past gone you will
You will see more than you hoped or wished for
For the Ride of a Lifetime is Here for you All
Climb aboard and become all that you have wished for in this place of Love
Dear Ones,
I wish to bring you forth to that Grand Place of Remembrance
Where all of you will know and understand the true meanings of Love in Life
A place of Purity
A place of Home within you all
Heaven!  Your Heaven!  The Heaven from Within!
You all know this
Be this, Become this,
Bring this forward into your reality and experience the Love in Life that you have All wished for
Grand Indeed! I say to you ,To see this come about
This Will Be!
Your Will, Will Be!
You are All now on this Precipice of Life
On this Threshold of the New
Let Go and become that in all that you have wished for
Life A NEW!
Yes ,the changes that you have wished for are upon you, Embrace Them!
Live in Love, Harmony, Peace, and Joy!
Delve Deep into the Understanding of Life in Love and Become!
We know that at times it will be hard
We know that experiencing certain things that you have placed before you for a broader aspect in knowing, this will be
But we say to you, release the fears and walk into your lives Brand New
You will understand as you walk
You will come to know in your lives all that you have placed before you
Shine Now your Light into these places that you wish to go and follow your Light in Love
We leave you now in this moment
We hold you, We honor you in the ways of Love in your Lives A New
In the Light of God We Honor You
Hi everyone
I Thank  Spirit and all of you for your intent and love in bringing this message forward
May Peace Be Unto You All