Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“A Message from God as we know”
I Am Light in Love unto this world, are as you
Your beliefs in Love have brought you to this place on your journey
For it is here you will begin once more
Let it be known that you are Light in Love into this world
Let us begin with an enhancement of Love, Your Love, Your Greater Being as you may perceive it, but never the less, YOU
We would like to take you to a place of remembrance , a place you like to call Heaven
For in this place is you, in all your higher forms of love
For in this place resides Peace, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment,  A Knowing, A Grand Knowing of all that you are
Here in this place is the Purity of ALL BEINGS as you would ALL KNOW each other
In this place called Heaven is Light of the Purest Form
And from the Light All whom hast ever been created hast come forth from this Light
For this is the beginning of you and all that hast ever been created
It is from here my children that you start
Your search now to return to this Light on a quest that is unprecedented in all that you believe
For all that you believe in all that you create hast brought you to this place
 and will take you beyond all self limitations to find your way back into Love
“Our Love Is Your Love”  for Your love Is Grand Indeed!
On your quest to return home remember that the “Love of God IS YOU”
For the Love of God Resides within you and all around you
For your quest to return home is the quest of finding you!
You are the Love that you have wished for
You are the Grand Love that you seek
For it is here within your being is the love that you seek so well
It is within each and every one of you that I Reside
For I Am AS YOU, Love of God
It is here within All of you that you will come Home, Home to Heaven
I Am Heaven within you all
For I AM the Light
For I AM the Peace
For I AM the Love  that resides within,  I AM YOU
For it is here you will find Me  You  Together as One , One in the same
A Unification of All that is Love
I have come to bring you this in the hopes of you Greater Understanding of who you are
Know this Truth
Believe in this as Truth and you will come to me once more
For I come to ALL in this Knowing Of Love
May you trust in the messenger  who brings you these words in Love
May you find it in your Heart to love All Beings as He loves you All
May your Gifts in this world begin with love in All that you are in all that you are becoming
May your Loving Light in peace bring about all that you wish for in Love
Blessings In Love
To all of You
In Light of the Father
I am writing to say, well,  it’s hard right now for me to say anything
The Incredible awareness In Love that has come through, IS SO BEAUTIFUL
The Love that I Am Feeling right now as I have brought this to be is Heaven
I have tears of Extreme Love with a softness of Purity , My Heart is beating with Love
I feel so open and Honored to sense and feel the Love of purity as it flows through me, to you
I Love you all
I am honored to know All of you
May Peace Be Unto You All
My wish is that you feel and come to know the love that I felt when I brought forth this message of Love
The Love in Light of the Father
Love always