Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Where you all sit in this place in time is a place of Joy, Happiness, Peace, and for some Chaos
For All is appropriate in this experience
For Love is expanding upon itself and Re-Creating Anew
It will be shown to All of you the ways of Your Being
The ways of your lives
The ways that no longer reside within as your highest wishes
For you all have come to a point in this place in time where Life in Love will truly begin
Set forth into action, All of what you Desire, All of what you Believe, All of what you wish to Become,
for it is here that your New Reality Will Come To Be
You will no longer be dragging the past with you, an occasional peek is ok and sometimes appropriate in your growth
But for now let’s let all experience’s  be as they are, Experiences and Transformations of Love
You will all move forward with New Light, New Love, a New Expansion Evermore of Whom You Are
With New Ways to experience, with New Eyes in Love
Happiness, Love and Peace will reign for 40,000 years and then life will change,
your experiences of all that have been learned, you will gather, acknowledge, and release them once more
It is from this place where life creates Anew once again
At this point you will have gone through and experienced many lifetimes of Love, Joy and Happiness
that it will radiate through all of the New in that you wish to Create
In these experiences you will become more of loves expansion
Times and places will be that of memories past gone,  and this too,  you may look at if you wish for a moment
In this place your lives ever changing
We will be brief in saying that tomorrow unlike all tomorrows will be that of your just creation
Understanding, Knowledge, Purity
These are places of your beginning
Align yourselves Now in this Moment with Loves High Vibration in the Understanding and Knowing of Life as it is Coming to Be
For I will leave in this moment to have you know that I am only a Thought away
Believe In Yourselves
Believe In Your Lives
Believe In All that You Wish for
For Belief brings you the Magic to your Imagination That Helps you to Create in Life Anew
We Love You All
May the Divine Light of the Creator Shine upon you and Radiate from within you,  In all of your life’s endeavors
May Peace Be Unto You All
I am loving to thank Yeshua for his message in this moment
And I would like to thank all of you for your Loving Intent to help bring about these messages of love
Many blessings to you all