Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All
For I AM Love In the Light of God
I come to you all now to bring you a prayer
A prayer for Peace, Love, Light and Enhancement of All your Abilities to Grow, to Expand, to Teach Love on your planet
“ May Peace Reign in my Heart and in the Lives of others
May they see the truth in the Love in Life in the Enhancement of All that Is, In Love of All that they are
May Peace Reign Throughout All Lives
May We All come to Know Peace as Each Other
May Abundance of Love Flourish Throughout our Lives and the Lives of All
May We Create the Peace in Love that We All have Wished for
May We Guide ourselves into these Safe Harbors of Abundance
May We Cherish the Love of whom We are as We experience NEW LOVE, NEW LIFE, Upon this planet called Earth
May We come to Understand and Know that the Love of God is whom We Are”
For I Am and have always been with you, for you All Play in a Special Place in a Special Way in the Garden of Eden
Joy, Happiness, these are the nature of your True Being
So I would ask of you to be that of your true nature and become more of this light, for we have told you of this,  in the truth of your being
Walk with me now to a Place of Whol-E- Ness to a place of Togetherness in Light of whom you are,
In the Light of all that you have become, In the Light of all that you are Becoming
For All of you Here in Now  are a Celebration!
A Celebration in the Creation of Life A New!
For We Love You ALL!
I would Love to thank Yeshua for this Beautiful Prayer and message
And I would Love to thank All of you for your loving intentions