Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to All,
I Am here with you now and ever so present in your lives
You see I was once like you.
In a place long ago, long before this lifetime. You may recognize some of things about me, for I was once a child to on the earth plane. Life seemed so simple then, Was it not?  You had not a care in the world except growing up, and that to seemed to be far in existence.
I know you are asking yourself, Who are you?
Well as I explained before I Am as You, You are as Me, We Are One
My life and so many lives long ago are not the subject, for you to be concerned with, you see , and I will explain.
Do you all remember when you were all children walking this planet for the first time, ( or so it seemed)
Do you recall your first step into life? Well lets go there for a moment if you would?
Do you recall what it was like taking that first step, unsure, unsafe, not knowing what was going to happen?
But you did it, you took the step, and what happened?
There was a sense of Freedom, Accomplishment, a Knowing that came from within, that helped you
to take the next step and the next and so on and so on.
Revel in this place for a moment. Bring forth that Love that assurance, that confidence of knowing.
You see, its just not that bad, its not scary, well maybe at first, (spirit smiles) but you did it. You All did It!!!
You walked through the fear. Don’t fear your lives children, because there is so much that awaits you All.
You All can do this, its just like that first step, Remember?
Life doesn’t have to be hard or rough
You Choose The Paths, for Learning, Experiencing, and Self Expression
Believe me when I tell you that, You Are Loved Beyond Measure!!!
It doesn’t have to be so hard
This place where you all sit is a place for self examination, for you to look inside and truly ask yourself, Is this what I desire?
Open the door to Love, Peace, In Joyment, Happiness, Honesty, Integrity, just some things that are so wondrous to experience
and whom you are!
You see, I Am not here to tell you how to live your lives, I Am here to help you with so many Expressions of yourself, that you may have
forgotten, or that lay dormant inside of you.
I Am here to help you Open the Doors to Self Expression and Life
Peaceful and Loving,
 All of You are, Peaceful and Loving Expressions of Life
To Know yourselves is truly a core part to my teachings, You are All so Divinely Loved
This has been so Wondrous, Loving and Beautiful to be able to talk to you All in this moment
May the Blessings of  ALL Surround You
Note; I would like to thank all of you who have given Intent for this message to come through, also I would like to say thank you to those of you who  have written me back and the ones  who have shared with your friends
Blessings to you All,