Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All
“I Am One
At One
With all that IS One”
For I Am Light Unto this world
For I bring Peace Fullness into All That IS
For the Light of the World IS YOU!
My children, your lives Now, more than ever are at a place of Knowing
“To Believe in the Light of God”
You have taken many paths and have risen to many challenges
You have explored many truths, crossed over in many ways
Now Is “The Way of You”
What do you Believe?
What have you Learned?
Where would you like to Go?
In the depths of all your beliefs, What is it that “You Wish to Create”?
Is it something NEW? Out beyond All of your Knowing?
In creation as it begins, is the Pure Essence of Love, You, YES, YOU!
And as you look out into The Unknown of Infinite Possibilities is the Pure Essence of Love!
You and God as ONE!
As you look into this space of Being, God asks you,
What is it my child?  What truly is it that you Wish to Create?
With FREE WILL as your guide and a perfect gift of Love, You Respond!
You Respond,
In Creation, In Awareness, In Creativity, In Imagination, In All Life, In All Possibilities, In All That You are Becoming!
In this Peace Fullness you move forward  (No One moves back)!
You Expand Outwardly in All of Your Creations, In all that you Create, In all of Life
In this place is a Beginning to Life A New , To Things Unknown
In this place that is Un Charted you move about, learning and knowing that “There is a Security of Love in Life Unknown”!
As you move about creating as a child, life becomes more aware to you
As you drift and walk, create and run, stop and breathe, run and jump, You move about creating
As your lives progress in knowing, you learn and experience what it is like to experience all things
As you might say, “The Good, The Bad, and the Not so Good.”
You fly and flutter about wandering
Wondering about your creations,
Creation in all life,
Creation in all life that you see, sense and feel as you move about
In this awareness you Become
You become more aware of All that Is with Love as your guide you are “The Initiate”
The Initiate of All Things Pure and Good!
It is from here you begin your journeys!
Open to “ALL THAT IS”  Creating life in ways Unknown!
Be at peace My Children
Open your Hearts to Love
Love as it Truly IS
Love as you Truly Are
Yes, You are the Love that Creates ALL THAT YOU EXPERIENCE
For it is here, We are as ONE
One in LOVE
One in LIFE
You all have The Grand Possibilities Unknown!
Unknown to One Another
Unknown to All Life
Unknown to You
For you are the Creator of All That Is Created, I With You As ONE!
Open your Hearts Children,
Explore The Unknown,
Dream into the Vast Unknown of Evermore and Be Happy In All of your Wishes!
In this place We bring you these messages, for you all have wondered
Now you Know!
Thank you Spirit for all the Love that is shared in this message
I would like to thank all of you for your love and intent
as we create life together Here and Now in Love
May Peace Be Unto You All