Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

For I come to you All “ Here in Now”  With Divine Wishes for All!
For we have placed many things, if you may, along your paths in Divine Hopes of your Love
For you see, along ones path are many Divine Wishes
Wishes in Dreams
Wishes in Love
Wishes in Peace
Wishes in Fulfillment
These paths that you walk upon and create take you one way or another
As you walk upon these paths your dreams of fulfillment and divine wishes move you about
They carry with them tools, tools if I may say, to help you along ones path of Enlightenment
Each ones path is a path of solitude, in this we mean that this path is for the one who wishes to walk this way
Upon walking on your path you may find certain things (tools) that bring about your Awareness
An Awareness of whom you are,
An Awareness of all that you have been
An Awareness of all that you are becoming
Within these tools are the Magic of Love, Peace, Surrender, Joy,
Whatever you wish it is to Fulfill in your life as you walk on your journey
On this journey you will make many discoveries with your new tools
For they will bring you things from within yourselves to share with ALL   (For you are never alone)
Upon this journey your lives will change, yes, in many ways
As you bring about these changes in your lives a Peace Fullness of Remembrance will come to be
A Remembrance of whom you are  “Love of God”
In all appropriateness
In all of the places that you will  go
In all of the places that you will be,  are these Remembrances in the Experience of life
Lives in which you all have chosen to be
The Remembrance of Non Separation of whom you are is a Grand Remembrance!!!
The Fulfillment of Love in Life is the Fulfillment within yourself
“ I carry with me now the thoughts of Fulfillment in Life in Love,
In all that I AM
In all that I Was
In all that I AM Becoming
For the Love in Life IS I”
Be at peace in the knowing that your lives are in fulfillment with the peace of knowing!
Choose wisely on your paths, know that Love in Life permeates and surrounds All things
For as you have wished we have come forth to bring you theses messages of Love to help guide you,
protect you, and honor you all,  in the Fulfillment of Life in Love
May your journey’s be wondrous in all that they may be
For I AM as You All  “LOVE”
I would Love to thank Spirit  and I would Love to thank all of you
In giving your intent for these messages of Love to be
May Peace Be Unto You All